Milledgeville, GA racist welcome signs welcomes who?

First I am going to happily start this article with: NIGGAS AIN'T SHIT!

Are we individuals or a people? The closer we are to each other, the more treacherous, toxic, especially family, then we claim to be open, honest, sophisticated, family oriented, God fearing, monogamous...

Is it symbols or is it a menTALITY? No apologies required for telling the truth and here's why, for Black People worldwide are indebted to white people, well we allow ourselves to be made to believe we are. Niggas put up the signs, make the signs, tolerate the signs why.... All in the name of a paycheck and seeking approval from racists ass white supremacist crackers and then complain about mistreatment. This hypocritical behavior prevails in the Black community worldwide. Well, if you start treating yourself better, that is with true dignity and respect, you would not stand for mistreatment. One day I am going to write more about Niggers Ain't Shit, because I know somebody is going to say this is my opinion and wtf do I know. This is another reason, another nigger can tell the truth and niggers consider it an opinion but a white man can implement the most racist laws and it be considered LEGAL!

One more example before I get back into racist ass Milledgevilledge: Today, Emergency evacuation traffic has just about immobilized the state of GA and don't know for how long. I left central Georgia heading for Atlanta, normally a two hour ride and after driving 30 miles/30 minutes, I was compelled to turn around unless I wanted to add to traffic problems.

Well, I stopped for information in Monticello, GA where I observed a Black man pissing in a secluded cornier of a busy parking lot, no problem... until another Black man coming out of the store saw him and started loud talking. Yelling, the store has a bathroom, use it...and last but least, he said he was going inside and report him, turned around and proceeded back in the store to report a bathroom emergency. Another reason I say Niggers ain't shit, don't want to be shit...sad and very true. This starts, with our ancestors, their ancestors, people today, our children and YOU, don't leave you out. Ain't shit as compared to what??? As compared to human dignity and respect, more later.

Should this symbol be on a sign paid for by taxpayers??? Should it be on a sign welcoming you to our great city? If yes, why there ain't shit recognizing all people and their history?

These signs are evidence of what lurks beneath the surface. Is hate a form of mental illness? Acts of hate are attempts to distract ones self from feelings of helplessness, powerlessness, injustice, inadequacy and shame. Hate is grounded in a sense of perceived threat. It is an attitude that gives rise to hostility and aggression towards an individual or group. Like much anger, it is a reaction to an distraction from some form of inner pain. Individuals consumed by hate may believe the only way to regain some sense of power over his or her pain is to preemptively strikeout at others. In this context, each moment of hate is a temporary reprieve from inner suffering. This is the reason for White who hate People of Color and People of Color submit to this illicit behavior. After so long of enduring this bullshit a new norm is established. 

White Supremacy in America is a right because white people dominate, manipulate, abuse...any and everything to get what they want and the supremacy part comes in when their justice system punishes you for doing the same, karma. I didn't learn what white supremacy really was until I lived in another country.

White Christian, especially Americans are going to say, here them niggers go again about racism, we ain't bothering them, it's their problem, they should like, be thankful, appreciate, and respect we allow them to live in such close proximity with us. All those words and phrases which mean "we are indebted to their asses". And to a certain extent, they are right but not justified.

Blacks, especially Black Americans are going to agree, as not to be singled out by White people. Blacks, and their submissive behavior to White supremacists and supremacy, especially those who do know they are their slaves, is unnatural. We think we should dealt with on an individual basis, even we know you deal with us as an inferior group of property, the only good nigger is a dead nigger. That not all niggers are as stupid as Art for writing all this shit, knowing nothing will change, they just had a Black President. No Mr. Slave Master, we do not agree with Art, but we do agree with you and we still want to climb your ladder of success to prove our loyalty to your systems. We love you Mr. White man for providing all these job opportunities for us. We love and respect your flag and all your benefits you so generously share with "good niggers", especially those who are educated and obedient to your racist laws and practices.

It is very amazing how they use their ingenuity to exploit people, land and resources "just for their own self-serving asses, denying everyone else unless you can pay"; and refer to this as an economy, justice, profit, equal opportunity, democracy, Christian.

What does this photo have in common with the photo above? Are they people of the same mentality but want you to believe otherwise? Is he or she a "good old American"?

They act like they created everything good and everyone else is indebted to their wanna be superior asses and anyone who disagrees is considered a threat. They will do the "unthinkable" to solicit support for their evil ass ways and the best of us fall for it. A man is not wrong until he himself first admits he is wrong.

The answer to hate lies not only in our psychological makeup or family history, but also in our cultural and political history. We live in a war culture which promotes violence and abuse, in which fierce competition is a way of life. We fear connecting because it requires us to reveal something about ourselves. To justify this all, we use profits as a measure of character.

We are taught to create and hate the enemy, meaning anyone different from us, which leaves little room for vulnerabilities and an exploration hate through empathic, discourse and understanding. In our current society, one is more ready to fight than peacefully resolve conflict. Peace is seldom the option. Hatred is a learned behavior and passed on before you learn the difference.

If this offends you then it is the same with the signs.

(((your inner

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!