Minding My Own Damn Business

Conflict resolution... Especially people who say they Christians, want a "God fearing" person, someone who believes in God...Blessed and highly... someone to go to church with...

You say this sounds kinda offensive, but think about Y? Do you know why there is so much conflict in the world today? Why is everyone out for self? Which ones of our fortune 500 companies are about "working together to benefit all humanity, the whole"? The ones I know are all about one thing, profit. That's the beginning of understanding why we are so selfish and judgmental. We just simply cannot make enough MONEY, cannot make it fast enough because we are so busy "trying" to keep up with the next guy.

It ain't because of social or economic crisis, land, religion, but because people refuse to "mind their own fucking business".  How can you have time to be over here telling me how to live when your challenge is to do the same damn thing? We got shit confused and one of the biggest reasons is the word "Job".

Job is one of the most confusing words ever created. We neglect our own jobs to help someone else do their jobs -profits. Which is all about exploiting everything, hence we become more territorial than what is natural. On our jobs we learn to Force, make mandatory, demand, require and these same controlling ass traits spill over into our daily lives but only a portion of your personal life is allowed to spill over in your workplace and total control is the objective. Proof is the hiring of immigrants and have you ever had a black person for a boss, has nothing to do with character does it? it is about as close to SLAVERY as can be is it not? Then the way we treat our women and children. What is family?

Believe or not, women are the biggest perpetrators of crime, without ever firing a shot or using a physical weapon. Women tolerate a lot of bullshit just to get what they want, like Hilary Clinton tolerates Bill Clinton's cheating ass, just to "be married" and now she's running for President. She calls it saving her marriage by being the faithful wife, but if she catches you "watching pornography" she would fire your ass, how condescending? What about saving a job, a livelihood?

It's okay to help someone but working against them is a sin. Crime is a serious problem in my town, do you know how many innocent people are killed everyday because they weren't "minding their own business"? Majority of the time it is over two things, "women and/or money".

There is nothing wrong with going to church, so take  your own ass in there and change. The problem we have today is those hypocritical motherfuckers who go to church, "refer to themselves" as God fearing Christians... are quote "no better than the people they separate themselves from". Do people who announce their blessing really know a blessing? Do you go around advertising somebody gave you an enema, that's a blessing? It all has to do with church and religion, which is more compromised today than ever before.

Christians are very misleading and wrong. Does it matter how long or short your dress, sexual preference? Not one of us is better or worse than the other but we are some serious "ass liars and pretentious people". As a matter of fact, because they are so hypocritical they are worse. They are the catalyst for conflict, suggesting someone is "not God fearing" by suggesting someone is. You don't know if someone is God fearing or not. You wouldn't know a sinner any better than a saint. If you did know, then you would "run in a whole and hide. These self-righteous people would be better served by not making such arrogant assumptions about their own hypocritical asses.

Christians are very unrealistic and have blinders. They condemn people like me and things like prayer removal, same-sex, domestic violence and abuse, interracial, porn, dancing, music, marijuana, cursing, fighting, war, killing, lying... yet they are the greatest offenders. It is okay when they do it, like capital punishment, racism, women and children abuse. No matter how much these things are happening, they act like it is not and then when somebody proves them wrong they act shocked and come out themselves. Why hide?

Why cannot you just want a person with good character, even if they do not attend church? Does attending church make anybody better than those who do not? Does attending school make anybody better than those who do not, but which one is mandatory, why? We have got more churches than ever before, yet things are only getting worse- wakeup. And for all those self-righteous saints attending church, they are just a much apart of racism, predatory lending, evil banks, insurance fraud, money laundering as the most notorious crook.

Christians are full of nonsense. You work at the same jobs, attend the same schools, suffer the same illnesses, shop the same stores, ride the same highways, wear the same clothes, pay the same bills, subject to the same political asses, the same poverty, drug infested cities, as any other person, how are you any more "favored" than the lowest favored, the least of them? And guess what, ain't nothing changed, why? Because of people like you.

Do you really think God favors you anyone more than anyone else and if he did, these holier than though White Supremacists would be burning in hell.

Do you realize how much crime and corruption are carried out in the name of Jesus Christ? All that hype and you do not even know if you will be here tomorrow, you do not even know if you will have you next breathe, much less going to heaven. Live like that, Live and let live.

Just like people who are employed discredit those who are unemployed, like their asses are so fucking productive. No man is an island.

We call ourselves top notch business people, we'd like to believe  this anyway but when you think about it the companies for which we're working are so what they would like to refer to as competitive, it causes more harm than good. Why would any company want to "hog up all the resources", "monopolize the market"... that's all about control and power. It has nothing at all to do with helping any damn thing and people support this self-destructive strategy. We want to believe we're resolving conflict but we know we're creating even more conflict, why? And we're afraid to stop because our paychecks, which means absolutely NOTHING, will be cutoff. We fear what critics might say about being sorry, unemployed, unproductive... We fear we will not be able to pay bills which the more bills we pay, the more bills we create to pay. What kind of shit is this? How can you resolve any conflict with this kind of attitude? We honestly believe we are so innocent, righteous, helpful, courteous... when we actually "hate our fucking next door neighbor. We hate black folk, rap, pants sagging, atheists, welfare recipients, racists,... anything unlike us.

Our definition of job has evolved into "minding somebody else's business and neglecting your own".

Everything we do, conflicts with what the next man is doing and then, "It is On".

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!