Monkey Ass

ass in air

This started out being a monkey ass, but ended up being an ass in air.

Is it a conincidence that there is only one letter difference in the spelling of monkey and donkey? What about the first letter? I wonder how this term came about? Must ask weird phrases or so.

Do you know what "monkey ass" really means? Have you ever been called one? Have you ever called anyone else one?

Well, if you know you have been called one, you are in trouble. Most people say it behind your back for doing something they consider really stupid. So, just may be we all have been one--Monkey Ass.

I am sure that donkey is calling the operator a monkey ass, for having his ass in the air.

Where is ART? What is he talking about? Why are people so depressed because they lost their job. When really, all they did when they had a job was complain. If it wasn't the work overload it was their boss and if it wasn't their boss it was the long hours at work, and now.

No job, Seems they would be happy as hell. Reckon they are happy and just do not want to show it? Is it an employee to boss trick? Just may be the tide is turning. It is your world!

Your world is not going to end because you do not have a job. As matter of fact, you probably will be much more creative, innovative. You want wait until the weekend to get your freak on. The problem is most people have based their whole life on and around their jobs and job security. And you say I am out of touch with reality.

I tried to get a good job, when they were available. Some how, I did not qualify. So it has been a long time since I have had to learn to make do with what I have, whether I think it is enough or not. Whether I can pay the bills or not. Credit score or not. To be more caring and innovative in my work and play.

I know what it is like to want a regular check and not have it. No benefits! And most of all, nobody cares. As a matter of fact, that made me realize a few other things. What about classing people based upon income? What about caring? Reckon there is any profit in caring?

out of here .[. TRA

(((your inner

Monkey business.

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