Natural aptitude and Experience

Why do you need these two things? How many Americans are employed in the field in which they are naturally gifted?

What does any of this have to do with our own perceived needs? Have you heard people talk about being a "people person"? I have heard it so much until I am sick. Most people who proclaim they are a people person have not a clue what is required to properly deal with people. Well, if they did then White and Black Americans would not be the way we are. Domestic violence would be a thing of the past and Barack Obama would still be President. Most of us are so phony, soo pretentious we cannot be trusted.

They say you need natural aptitude and experience in dealing with people. Now, the question is of those leaders we have appointed, which ones have "a natural aptitude" for people? Aptitude: a natural ability and in this case we are talking about people, then add experience. When in the history of the founding father's America did Americans embrace this notion? Historically, Americans have embraced those leaders who open the door for select people to walk in and exploit people, land and resources.

Since the founding fathers, it has been an up hill struggle for new Americans to treat the indigenous people and blacks with the same sense of dignity and respect, so my question: Is this the aptitude about which we speak? Having the propensity for cronyism and corruption, is this criteria and experience about which we speak?

As I look back over my life in America, sixty years plus, I am hard pressed to find one incident which would leave me to believe Americans even wanted to practice "the same justice for all". We took a good system and made it bad. I am not to be fooled by those with money, power and prestige, while if they were wise then there would be no reason for change. However, since routine and excessive use of force is a common practice in America, when it comes to certain groups of people, then this too should be made public.

Can we have a perfect system, does a perfect world even exist... we severely punish people for violating our new laws but it is okay for us to violate their laws, which is something like the case with Mr. Warmbier in North Korea. Black and White!  Well, how would we know if we never tried? How can we have better families, communities with this kind of aptitude, you don't trust me, you ignore me, but I am to respect you?

Poor people cannot buy drugs, but are punished for selling drugs purchased by the wealthy? Poor people don't make decisions about where and how their money is spent, but work to build these structures created to make them pay what they do not have. Natural aptitude and experience, what kind of sense does this make? The wealthy don't do any manual labor but demand...where is the experience in this?

Does our formal system of education compliment natural aptitude and experience? Our systems are  based upon monetary rewards, profits.

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!