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You never know what or which little kid likes what you're doing enough that they want to emulate it. There is not a greater honor.

When I started this thankless task 16 years ago, little Nadia was just born. Now, at 12 years of age I am surprised to read her first school article and share with you, about what she decided to write.

One of our best and brightest Nadia Brown

Nadia Brown

16 September 2016

The Time I Went Camping

My sister, Grannie, and my grannie's friend and I went on a camping trip to Jekyll Island near Brunswick, Georgia. Our Grannie's friend named Mr. Art asked us if we wanted to go camping one day so my sister, and I said yes. Then a week or two later, we were getting ready to go camping. The first thing we did when we were going camping was packing clothes, food and other essential. Then, we had to learn how to set up the tent before we started packing everything and going camping. My sister and I finally learned how to set up the tent and learned what everything was for and how it worked. Then, all of us were all on the road to go to Jekyll Island. From where we live to Jekyll Island, it was about 4 hours and 21 min. My sister and grannie and I were asleep most of the ride there.

Once we got there the first thing we did was go and start unpacking and setting up the tent on the campsite. When we were done, we decided to go and eat since it was late at night. Once we were done eating, we went to bed. Then the next day we all got up and took a shower in the bathroom because there were showers in the bathroom. Once we were done eating breakfast, we put our swimsuits on and went on our boat and went fishing for a while. Then, we started to drive the boat. At one point, I got to drive the boat, and we saw dolphins while we were on the boat. My sister and I got out the boat and started to play in the water. Then, we left and went back to the campsite to take a shower and we went to a seafood restaurant. The food was really good and it was my sister and I first time trying stuffed crab and it was pretty good. When we were done eating our food, we went to bed.

Finally, it was the last day, but we were kind a sad about leaving but happy to go see my mom and my brother and tell them everything that happened. Once, we took a shower and pack everything up and put it in the car, we then drove off. Then, we stop to get something to eat for breakfast. Whenever we go fishing or go somewhere with my grannie and Mr. Art we always go to Sonic and get a dessert. When we went to sonic we went home and the first thing, we did was go up stairs and pass out. That was one of the coolest trips that I have ever been on with my grannie and Mr. Art. My favorite thing about going camping was that it was my first time camping,seeing dolphins,swimming,and fishing with everybody. What is one of the coolest things to happen to you?

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!