Divine message for and to old and new believers!

We are riding a great phenomenon where everything we do is considered great, innovative, creative, state of the art... and the bullshit goes on!

Which term more accurately describes who and whose we are:

Old Believer: ancestor, Old folk, senior citizen, old school, age does it matter? As much as we claim to cherish family and community, how can we when we fail to recognize the importance of our neighbors, foreign and domestic?

There is modern and there is ancient and as much as these two would like to embrace each other, there is something there lately which causes us to be toxic to both. Being toxic to one is being toxic to both.

New Believer: young, inexperienced but conscious enough to recognize many of the old beliefs, are fiction, null and void, and no longer can be applied. Well, if you do, you are just continuing on with the lie.

Ways of life, are constantly changing and this is what new believers and your beliefs to will meet this test, and this is what new believes need to know. Hince, slow your roll, you ain't discovering anything new, there is a reason for everything, whether you realize it or not or whether it applies in the moment or not,,, but one day you will realize the basic never change and it is these old  beliefs that will  bring you through when all your new shit fails.

Old believers, need to understand the meaning of not being so rigid, but flexible enough to allow for expansion and contractions, because one day you are going to need these young motherfuckers, the universe just operates this way. No matter how wrong you think or know they are, your refusal to participate is hurting you and the whole. Know young people or no people, including you do not want to be dictated to, which leads to arguments. You just cannot save yourself, by yourself, not on this earth.

Why can't the elders sit beside their own youth and vice-versa? Why do we defy the notion of being interdependent and knowing for the survival of all, we must coexist in peace and harmony?

People are all the same, two hands, two legs and one soul, and it is  one soul notion which causes all of our differences, pain and suffering, being this one soul does not belong to you alone.  We are all born young and work to get old. Understand, this requires sharing in order for us to be one whole. We all have the exact same obligations and responsibilities to this great planet or our lives on it will be in vain. But I guess you say, who cares as long as I can profit???

There is nothing more needed, no education, it is just natural to recognize those features to which you are attracted and anything else you may "need", the rest; leave it alone, let it be. Nationality is irrelevant! Can a baby dislike its parents?

What do we call those who are willing to play the game? We do not have a name for them because we never played the game. Since, the beginning of the new world and implement so many divides, we only created our own little dynasties, without consideration, others live here to. We've established uncontrollable borders,  behave like we are going to reign forever and willing to fight to death for what what and who we define as trespassers. We never think WTF when we die? Will new believers recognize how stupid and inconsiderate you were in your fruitless efforts to dominate what cannot be dominated?

Did you know God is man-made?

(((your inner voice.com)))

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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