old folk and racism

When does two wrongs make a right? Are seniors to be excused from acceptable behavior? What does this say about that "founding fathers bullshit"?

Was and is America run by well intentioned people or people who mean no good to the rest of the world? How does wisdom apply to all this?

You would think our seniors would have learned to be good citizens by the time they are seniors. It wasn't until here recently, after being involved in an auto accident, it was revealed to me how blatant racism and disregard for laws is practiced by some senior citizens in America and this irresponsible behavior be deemed acceptable.What does the law have to do with age and good judgement? Are white seniors exempt from the very laws they imposed to protect and serve their own assess?

This guy, about 80 plus years old, driving a tow truck, literally ran over me and was pissed off about it, road rage, very abusive, provocative, intimidating, racist and unconcerned for the health and welfare of his victims, yet he wants everyone to be respectful his truths. It was enough to get the blood of a sixty year old male boiling. He created an environment that could have easily escalated into another Rodney King incident.

He was sited by police for failing to yield the right of way, he neglected to notify his insurance company and after I contacted them, he decided to change his story from the police report and guess what??? ---the insurance company supported him by denying payment of my claim. How does two wrongs make a right? Is this how one adult treats another, is it a good example for our children? How does his story override mine and the police report? Do you reckon this man will be dropped from his commercial insurance policy? Should you expect your parents to become more reckless as time goes on?

I talked with a psychiatrist (social worker) who said, this kind of reckless behavior is expected from such a senior and I should be prepared to make allowances. I say this social worker is out of touch with reality. I know plenty of seniors, including my parents 92 years of age, just as old and older who does not agree. They are very wise, helpful and If anything, will give you the shirt off their backs! I still can't believe an insurance company would support such reckless behavior. A chiropractor said, insurance companies are obligated to support their clients, no matter how erroneous their story.

Now, an attorney has to be hired, more money time and effort wasted holding the perpetrator of this minor auto accident responsible for damages he caused, yet refuse to admit. Had I been white would he have acted differently? How does he respect fellow business partners of color and yet disrespect normal Black people? Where is the sense of responsibility in all of this?

And you wonder why our world, why our fellow citizens cannot be trusted??? you wonder why crime rates are soaring??? And you wonder why the future of America and Americans is so dim???

Does not matter how old or young I am, I was taught to conduct myself in a responsible manner when involved in any kind of accident or altercation, to avoid escalating the situation. Karma, how can you expect justice being unjust?

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fools, ignorant and vicious, who are without Self-Control and benevolence.

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!