One Day Without Us?

Ever think about this one?

One day without me, is what I thought of when reading this title? How interesting, thought provoking, thinking of how this world would be without me.

Do I even make a difference, is this difference good or bad, does it only benefit me?

Based on our current gender issues, it says, I don't even matter, as I battle loneliness, depression, as I am denied on every corner, as I am not trustworthy, but even more interesting, is this is the mass majority of people existing on this earth today.

So how, we would rather endure the pain and suffering of selfishness than all the pleasures of sharing.

Further research of the phrase "one day without us" reveals this is a focus on immigration, which is a very  hot topic at this time, whether to deport immigrants and which immigrants deserve to stay and enjoy the rights earned by our society.

Does a fellow human being, labelled as an immigrant deserve "choice", where is the reciprocity? From what is he running? What if he considers himself in front of citizens? To what is an immigrant entitled?

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!