our obligations and responsibilities to this great land

Are you confused, are we doing better than those before us, are we bring about more harm than good?

Knowing life is dominated by the powers of Nature, why would we want to further complicate matters for our own pleasure? With all the laws of Nature, why to we feel compelled to create more, is not it already challenging enough to abide by and overcome the challenges and laws of Nature?

It is very arrogant how we portray our lives as being so safe, secure, prosperous and one storm or missing one paycheck cannot knock us out. If one storm cannot knock us out, why do we have credit and are over our heads in debt? Are we already knocked out?

Which one of us have a different responsibility or obligation than the other, no matter the land, nationality or profit margin? Do not we fully understand the neglect of any law of nature or the universe is more punitive than any law we could ever enact or enforce? How does your law become more authoritative than the laws already established in the land? How many houses can you keep, without the same being imposed upon you?

Is it our ability to make laws, make them really laws? You must keep telling lies to cover your lies made in the past?

Is there not enough land and space for us to peacefully coexist or would you rather be at war with any perceived offender? Should not we look forward to seeing each other, appreciate and compliment our efforts to survive or should we be obsessed with the notion of defending something we cannot own and by law are obligated to share or should we violate our neighbor, making a plan to catch them off guard? Dignity and Respect!

Were we put here to fly, make railways, roads... no matter who we hurt, even the animal people? What gives us the right to think conquering any people is a noble and heroic act? How can you see anything you do not want done to yourself, as a necessity to be done to another  human being? How does any of this kind of nonsense contribute to a successful way of life here? How does our mental process become so unconcerned about the footprint we make? Were we put here to help make this planet a better place for all concerned?

How can we accomplish this with one people feeling they are more entitled than the next?

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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