Overnight Religion

What religion are you and what is it and you doing to practice what it preaches? ONe day you are a sinner and the next you are a saved, sanctified, blessed and highly favored preacher, teacher, scholar...

How can you tell God what to do? Who would want to listen to the experiences of a criminal? Would they be truth or fiction, should they be repeated and of what benefit would they be to any prosper society?

Would be no issue if these religions created to relive pain and suffering did something more than create more pain and suffering. What happens when your religion supersedes the laws of nature? What happens when you ignore the laws of nature because you've created your own religion causing you to think you can beat these laws? Is there a need for any religion and why do people with religion condemn those they believe without? Why is it so important to know your religious affiliation, when we don't even know our own?

No final definition of religion,  a set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe, belief in a god or in a group of gods: an organized system of beliefs, ceremonies, and rules used to worship ... are just a few definition from which to select.

I think on those who decide to embrace a religion and become critical of anyone who is not. What were they before they accepted a religion, is that who they naturally are and the religion who they want people to think they are?

When people go to prison, often it is where they find religion, what's the difference between them and you?

Most of us profess to be born again Christians but exactly what does the mean?

Every religion I have ever seen, profess they are the chosen one.Why would there be just one and why do you think yours is that one and turn against anyone not of the same religion--clickish? If we were created equally, why do we have a ruling class?

Too often the religion we choose is the religion of who we think is the ruling class and the same way they came to power is the same way we discover their religion. One day we are criminals, violators, convicts and overnight these wicked behaviors are converted to saints. Is this natural, is it even possible, are we faking it?

The people of the greatest religion I know are the biggest practices hypocrites in the world. Is being a criminal a prerequisite for being religious? We are born good, naturally, without sin, when does it change and why do we feel we can be forgiven for repeat wicked behavior by joining a religion? What good is joining a religion when you repeat the same hypocritical behavior, aimed at power, control and manipulation?

And then there are missionaries to help spread these great evils, now you are right and everybody else wrong, and your religion backs you. What business of yours is my business, just like you do not want me in your business.

Today, people know less than what they knew before, but choose to believe we know more and in this is deception.

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!