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When do tell your children the truth?

Do you really understand the sacrifices parents make in order to educate their children? In an effort to make better life do parents tell their children the financial truth?

Living in a consumer oriented society it is hard to deny your children what you see in others. Therefore, many parents sell their souls  in order to finance educational requirements of their children. Why do not we tell the truth? Whatever happened to we cannot afford it and why is not there a suitable alternative? We have created a financial double edge sword.

No matter the career path parents have created a path to suit your budget, so we want you to  think. But in reality what we have done is created more debt and credit just to earn an income to live. The costs of education these days ain't no joke, they are astronomical and continue rising. The crazy thing about this all, of all the money you spend there are still no guarantees you will get a job earning enough to even repay your debt.

Career paths are so bogged down with financial obligations due takin money from both sides of the fence. The lender is only concerned about getting paid and the borrower is only concerned about getting paid. The buck is just being passed on and benefits no one.  We take advantage of ambitious fellow human beings, do not care and blame them for our own negligence.

For those who fall into this category, they are financially doomed before even starting their lives. For others, they just keep upping the stakes and things just get more and more expensive and corrupt.

Money as our primary means of exchange can only be gotten on the backs of someone else. The more money you earn the more advantage you must take of someone else. We have so over inflated everything the value is lost and the human aspect ignored. Nothing financially makes sense any more. What used to be a scam is now an accepted practice of living.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!