Parking in my small town of Milledgeville has gone crazy for local citizens!!!

Sixty years and no problems, but today parking in Milledgeville GA is antagonizing, especially native born and senior communities. Citizens are being ticketed for parking in front of their own homes. Is this New York or other major cities, does it make sense?

Nothing but anxiety for it's senior citizens, what person in Milledgeville would like to pay even more for parking? To what benefit of the individual Milledgeville citizen are these paid parking spaces?

Is it for the betterment of citizens or betterment of city officials? It is like a death wish imposed by city officials. Can you imagine receiving a $100 parking fine for parking in front of your own home? What about having to walk across a busy street to get to your car? Or every time you return home, there is no place to park? All of this is new and you call it progress, more like a nightmare.

Find parking costs, opening hours and a parking map of all Milledgeville Georgia parking lots, street parking, parking meters and private garages. Missing: problem Does this include residents? There are two kinds of people in Milledgeville, those who live here and those who visit, which one has priority for parking? Why do you need designated parking for people who had no problem parking until you created parking spaces?

I'm sixty years a resident of Milledgeville Georgia and would have never imagined a city where officials have been so negligent in the carrying out of a city plan. You would think we have been invaded by enemy forces.

74 year old neighbor, 45 years of parking in front of his house with no incidents, since painting of parking spaces, most recently got a parking ticket for $100.

His wife of more than 45 years, no incidents, now takes a chance on her life crossing the busy street because the lines  painting in front of her house are more yellow than designated parking. They went from being able to park two cars, to being limited to one parking spot for two nice automobiles. She is literally terrified of being fined for illegally parking in front of your own home.

It is apparent the powers to be, making decisions to paint paid parking spaces gives no consideration for permanent residents. And if you ask, they tell  you to contact a city official to work out problems.

These parking blunders are literally being forced down the throats of dedicated citizens, who have been very productive, mature, know how to conduct themselves and active in what Milledgeville has become, yet officials act like they do not give a shit. Is this in a study?

My next neighbors also park on the street, I mean have been doing so for more than 45 years and since there is only one parking space in front of their home and plenty of college students looking for authorized parking, as soon as she leaves, her one parking spot is taken. What kind of consideration is this for living in your hometown?

Now, I'm talking about citizens who have lived their entire lives, more than 60 years in the very same spot are now threaten to be fined for illegally parking in front of their own homes.

This painting parking spaces thing is moving so fast, it is like painting "paid" parking spots on steroids. It is without regard to the needs of the citizens, without logic, but meeting some alleged DOT policies and filling the pockets of greedy city officials. Do you think or would DOT want to hinder citizens from parking where they have safely parked for more than 40 years, all to support what? Do you know how long we have been living and dealing with parking problems from students and things have worked out well better than this new parking designations, for pay. Must citizens pay to park in their own hometown, at their homes and you wonder why businesses are outsourcing?

At my place city officials even painted a parking space behind my drive way. I pointed it out, they did not paint it, but two weeks later came back and painted a parking space anyway. How much fucking sense does this make? Then, I had to contact a local official to get the fucker unpainted. Do you know how much time, effort and money was wasted over one "parking blunder". Further, the Director of Engineering failed to take appropriate action and had the nerve to leave a message on my phone alluding to the notion of me not having confidence in my leadership and calling an elected official. Yep, a punk ass Frank Baugh... do you think he cares, for what? I understand he is one of the master mind behind all this parking madness. Talk to him and he does not know shit, with his lying ass. I say this not to defame the man but to described his cowardly behavior in leaving a very inappropriate, unprofessional message on my answering machine. You might want to get additional training in using professional etiquette when calling the people you supposedly are hired to serve.

And then there is this guy: City Planner Hank Griffeth says the city conducted a study 2 years ago that recommended paid parking downtown. Is that it??? Is that all??? Damn, how inconsiderate? Sounds more like an excuse to fuck all our citizens over paid parking and then what? Being betrayed, deceived, let down, scammed, disappointed by city officials!

Did he solicit input from the people actually affected? Do you think  there was a need to? Is this your only justification for screwing everybody?? How many times must a citizen and  how long must they pay to park in front of their homes, without fear of receiving $100 fine? Do you even think about them having visitors and should personal visitors be subject to the same scrutiny?

Literally, this parking ordeal, is doing nothing but trapping or entrapping and harassing good outstanding, productive community members, who think after 60 plus years of living somewhere, they have paid their dues/taxes and are entitled to park in front of their houses, because that is how they are use to living. We feel we have done nothing to deserve harassment from meter-maids carrying out the stupid ass ordinances created by city officials not living nor caring, but only concerned about profits.. Well, if city profits are not for citizens then for whom?

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!