People with vision, what do they see?

Outsourcing, do you reckon any of their employees saw it coming? 

Visionaries, people with vision, mature adults preparing for a brighter future, children being trained to carry on, carry on what?

Do you really think we can keep going or growing like this? Do you call this healthy growth? Press 1 for Spanish, press 2 for customer service, 3 for operations, 4 FAQs, 5 for directory, 0 for operator,,,now what was your question or concern?

The most popular response is "go to youtube for a better explanation". You mean you can get a better explanation on products and service off youtube better than the company itself, because they do not know, because they bought the shit from China.

I got nothing but praise for China, but how do you think I must feel when everything I need is made in China, a country about which I know the least. How do these motherfuckers know so much about China and so little about the country they live? How do you think when you live in America but took all the work to China? Talking about getting pissed at somebody you don't even know?

Americans are struggling like hell to make ends meet, just to buy shit made in China, does this make any kind of sense? Why don't I just go to China and live a lot better for less, since I'm paying them? Why don't I become more loyal to the Chinese government since they're providing for my needs? And I'm worried about a football player taking a knee, in protest for all the innocent people being killed???

What are the people with vision seeing? Are we visually impaired? How can you see this blatant violence and abuse and do nothing? For what do we stand or are we polarized? Do we need polarized glasses to see this bullshit? Bullshit is bullshit, I don't care whose putting it out.

Is our education system bullshit, well it depends on which school you attend,,, is not this pure unadulterated bullshit? Why is not every school required the meet basic standards? Should not they want to meet them? Why does our crime rate far exceed our good deeds and why don't our good deeds have more to do with helping others than profits. Today, everything we do is based on profits from the money we create ourselves? Now, what kind of shit is this?

You mean I can create money to pay everyone for to do the work they should do free of charge??? How does this shit even add up? What was free, now I must pay someone to do it and I call this progress, happiness, dignity and respect? And then I criticize my brothers for not having a job as good as mine, like I can do all this shit alone?

(((your inner

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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