wHAT A WAY TO BRING IN THE NEW YEAR? A Big fucking BANG! but i learned a good lesson and would like to share it here.

He who plants mine fields... Can you be nice to your own people?

"If you want to have a "dead ass party" then just invite a "fat ass black woman". wE're too quick to hide behind, "my mamma was fat and black".

Has anything changed and is anything going to change in 2015? You already know the answer but scared to say! It's a damn shame isn't it and we're afraid to admit it. 

Maybe, if we admitted, then we'd change. We talk so much about "childhood obesity" but what good does that do? Who sets the example for the child?

Amazing how we get all dressed up for nothing isn't it? I used to go around all depressed thinking i was the only one, but when i realized there's an overwhelming majority of people who feel worse than me, my mind was changed. They think worse, act worse, want worse...some people don't want shit good. Of all the good we could have, some do just the opposite to satisfy their own selfish asses.

I invited a nice Black Lady to my New Years Party and what does she do??? She brought her grossly obese, uninvited daughter and who burglarized the hostess' car, damn.

NOw, the hostess, a very generous lady allowed us into her very nice home to have a new year celebration, like we never had before and all the while we're trying like hell to celebrate, everything is (((FREE))), her ass is running around acting like she's using the phone and stealing change out of unlocked cars. 

Had she asked, the hostess would have saved this theft and gifted her well more than the "$5" dollars she stole. I forgot to mention, "she even stole the damn ash tray", which is where the change was stored. 

Now, according to her mamma, she is supposed to be this nice young "Church Going" African American female, is this for what we have to look forward? Is this our present and future? Now, you tell me, is it me or is it them? New Years day 2015, this is how mine started.

Can you believe all of that showed up at your party? Be a shocker wouldn't it... And on top of all that, she brought her stealing ass daughter?

Am I stereotyping, should I have skipped her, just because her ass is just this big? Sometimes, I think about the shit we do and how you hate to judge people because of all those things we shouldn't, but damn if this year, 2015,,,, "If your ass is Black, Big and Fat,,,I'm calling you on it!

In The Hood, Black, Big, Fat Ass means you are more than likely..."a fucking thief". Take that to the bank.

And No, I'm not mad, upset,,, really I'm Happy that's all she got. But the principal of the thing, trying to be nice to your own people...

"He who plants mine fields better keep good fucking notes". --Art Thomas

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!