playing games with food stamps

Food Stamp recipients or Politicians, who's playing the bigger game with food stamps? 

Why is there an us and them in the United States? Who pays for the abuse of working middle class America? For whom are they working? What happens when you work for corporate America? What's happening now? To what does a job entitle you?

I think of lazy ass American citizens and I think of greedy ass politicians and of these, which is the worst?

A lazy ass American citizen is sitting around the house doing nothing, no harm except to himself. A greedy ass politician is destroying the whole country, waste, fraud and abuse. I know there wouldn't be any waste, fraud and abuse if it did not start at the top.

For whom does poor America work? If you don't work an 8-5, does that mean you don't work? What does that have to do with your citizenship and your ability to serve? Why is one group of Americans tired of the other group of Americans? Who's the better American?

Is it the food stamp recipient receiving $200 in “food stamps” to feed a family or is it the politician cutting $40 billion in food stamps, to DO what?

If America is not willing to give you food, then what do we give our citizens? What do we expect from our citizens? Are our citizens failing us or is it corporate America? Is there any privilege of being born an American citizen or is your every breath at the hand of some power hungry politician?

If you look at all the “necessities of life”, food, water, housing, clothes, health care, transportation… they're all for American citizens but American citizens are paying higher and higher costs for less and less quality. Is there honor in being able to feed your people or are you one of those Americans who thinks you’re the only one deserving of the fruits of the land because you have a job, how stupid.

Of all the things we can give somebody, of all the things we give to foreign countries, why can’t we give food to any needy American, whether he works or not? How can we call ourselves one of the richest, most powerful countries in the world, yet baulk about the honor in providing food for one another at no cost?

What human being deserves to be denied food? What American doesn’t deserve to eat, at all cost? If we can fund wars, technology… why can’t we give any human being food?

What good is a hungry man and what good is a man who stands by watching a fellow human being starve, when food is so plentiful?

You're not living to get old or to build a better, bigger..., you're living to die and that is for sure. Do it with honor. THOUGHT FOR TODAY

If you want to see what’s happening to food stamps in America and do something bigger than yourself, go here:

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