Presidential Service Badge Recipients, Welcome!

presidential service badge

presidential seal
certificate number 5843

Recipients of the Presidential Service Badge, I welcome the opportunity to reconnect, say hello and network with you.

I worked at The White House 1977 through 1983 with the White House Communications Agency (WHCA), if my memory serves me correctly (smile). It was about five years. My badge number is # 5843.

I was assigned to Transportation and Supply: Larry Wells, Bryant Blood, Sara Johnson, Bob McGowan, Chad Lewis, Randy Nelson, Mike .

Supply: James Bradford, Paul Scharping, Mike Keith, James

Admin: Mr. Williamson, Leonard Holmes,

Security Anacostia Naval Station: Lane

Fond memories of days gone by. Art Thomas, Contact Art

My Journey to WHCA and the 1600 Club

Welcome to the Official Site of the 1600 Communications ...

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