An alarming increase in the number of American White Women with guns???

I can remember when the greatest threat to an American White Woman was a Native or Black American and how did they overcome those threats?

Hurt, harm and danger Why is this…

American women, who traditionally depended upon their men for protection, are now taking matters into their own hands, but why is this changing and to what?

Is it because men have miserably failed to provide the level of protection required to cause their women to feel safe and secure?

Recently, while having dinner at The Angus Barn, Raleigh, North Carolina, I overheard a group of very distinguished looking white women chatting about their guns and it was so surprising to me, I could not help but ask why and asking why, they gave me an opportunity to engage with them.

30 foot tree at The Angus Barn, NC

Traditionally, women, especially white American women, have been held as the prima donna of one of the most powerful societies in the world and that is the society of the American White Male. Being this was so, White American women historically depended upon their male counterpart and religion for protection from all hurt, harm and danger.  

Black women are also taking up arms, but Black women historically have been the victim of violent crimes, especially race related. Some are going to say, this has nothing to do with race, but when has a white American woman, whose man created and is in charge of military and police forces, felt the need to pick up a gun for her own protection?

Who’s the perceived threat to these new armed white women, when and how did this come about?

Why do these women choose gun violence as their primary means of neutralizing this perceived threat?

What are we teaching our children and how early do we arm them?

Is creating a life protected by guns, a lifestyle worth living?

What does this say about the ability of our police and armed forces to cause Americans to feel less safe and secure?

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!