What is shine all about, shine. I love me?

Some well intentioned people just don't giv-a-damn and many, most, all are in power today.

All they give a damn about is green, green and more greens... they'll do anything for money.

Not because they love it, but because of the way money and having as much of it as one can get,,, how that makes them feel. For them it takes money to make them important, smart, success. Just look around.

The only people to whom we listen are people with money. Who listens to any fucking poor people...? Think about that shit the next time you think how intellectual you are? Common sense and any other thing just for the good of all mankind, why? How did you, why would you create such a world...and on top of that,,,you have the nerve to think nobody's the wiser. I hate pretentious ass people,,, they'll get you killed while their asses are still walking around eating hamburgers.

Tell the truth and shine, not by your own standards but by the standards for any decent human being. And it all because of "what's been and being pushed down our throats". Courage, not making any apologies for who you are! And color has been at the helm of it all since day one and we sick-n-tired of that bullshit.

I want to make sure your visit here, intentionally or by chance, is one well worth your while. One word and it's going to change the rest of "our" lives. Do you think I can do that?

One word to change the rest of your life, no matter what right now. If you were doing anything worthwhile, it wouldn't  be like shine.

Remember when shiney was in style? Well, it's time, and shiney, being shiney is back.

Let your little light shine, shine as bright as can be.

No matter where, what, who you are let your fucking light shine. Why turn it off? Would it be so someone else's could shine brighter? Do you need another role model, mentor, pastor, President, teacher, school, relationship, boss, the Word... and all that other fucking bullshit?

Let your light shine, is that the problem, you could have easily solved that. Don't be no fool, shine, night and day...shine, yes you can shine and everyone will love you for that. 

Have the courage to shine, be shiney, like a shiney black man? Like the sunshine, let the moonshine through.

Like "the Shoe-Shine Boy" shine and you can get that for free.  In every thing you do, shine!

(((your inner



YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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