scenes of great beauty often conceal a darker reality

Let the imagination begin!

I am so appreciative for what I have been able to accomplish, so much so until my future is far brighter than my present. Like walking in a light or in the light.... Thank God for my inner voice!

In the quest to gain fame and fortune, the glass half full or empty comes into play. The implications are to view  your glass as half full, with this being a more positive outlook on life, but in reality it is very difficult to split yourself, your thoughts, your acquisitions in half and especially to share what is most important in life.

YOur interests, are they really your interests? Why is our society constantly changing, as in progress and development, yet, things are getting worse? I know, the glass half empty syndrome!

We have great intentions, which is our nature,  but peer pressure is a mother, half empty or full. The strong desire to avoid rejection, coupled with the excitement of being recognized for greatness, far exceeds  the reality of taking the moment to do all those  things you want done for you.

Just seems sitting here in a lonely world is enough motivation to send our creative juices into overdrive and this is our problem. We are so influenced by a mighty few, our inner voice is ignored.

We overlook the fact we are so attracted to things of beauty, as described by someone else, we overlook our own beauty deep down inside. This is the notion of concealing the darker reaLITY. 

The lesson learned is all this stuff we present as beauty, in fact is to our own desire, including "the glass". We are so mesmerized by what appears, we ignore the dangers it disguises, which is "what it is". a Venus Fly trp! 

We are a very quick to boast about our superiority and just as quick to condemn anything which does not look like what we want. We are so unappreciative, yet claim to be so smart and grateful. How can you be different when the whole country was created this way? How will you even know the difference? Beauty in the eyes of the beholder, why who wants something nobody else wants and really this is what you need.

Being creative, innovative, unique, different, are they better than being cookie-cutter?

Things of great beauty are a dangerous lure which disguise the real reason for appearing so attractive.

(((your inner

a wise fool

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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