Am I a scholar, a veteran, a human being?

Just depends on where you are, but in America it is all but embarrassing to be either. Not because they are not honorable titles, but because, let's just say: We say one thing and do another.

Most high school grads are we Americans themselves consider poor. Why I don't know, they don't care, as long as they got theirs. Do poor people care for poor people in America? Is there any honor in being poor in America and why not? I would like to ask a real smart American this question and hear his response?

If you want to be. Why would anyone want to consider one fellow American above the next, what is this creating? And it ain't just in America. If you ain't rich you ain't shit and the line of wannabees is too long to stand it, but we are still signing you up to become a monster being, success guaranteed.

If you really want to see the future of America, in real time, just visit one of our schools. Is there any excuse, why are we doing this to ourselves? Why do we promote this bullshit, empty promises? When building and farming comes together, more of the same old shit while expecting a different result? If you are not proud of me, why in the hell should I be proud of you and it just goes on and on?

Happiness, real happiness, pure happiness, we don't even know any  more. Always some self imposed bullshit in the game somewhere, why, with neither side gaining shit. What kind of win is a no win, why even bother if this is the case?

Sit back and watch tv while we attempt destroy our world. If you ain't helping pull it together, then what are you doing?

Will flying a flag help us unite? How does the flag help us help others? Who cares what you look like?

What's happening to our students: At first we do good, but after learning, being lied to and pressured, made unrealistic promises, preyed upon by our own people, we fall by the wayside, needing someone else to take care of us. Defeated by our own purpose, we stop living and resign ourselves to just trying to exist, like domestic cows. What is retirement and is it realistic?

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!