Sustainable Living

Americans want to take back their health, starting with our food.

Do you ever sense something has seriously gone awry with our food chain? Do you realize the devastating effects on self, society and the global platform, in which we live? Do you ask why are we today less concerned to address these questions? Do you understand the end to this all? Do you realize how much we've screwed up, the negative effects on people, land and resources, as farmers, Chefs and consumers? What's our back-up plan, our mind-set? If we continue on the current path, how does this cause our future to look bright? Change is a constant, what happens when you're out-of-sink with Nature?

These are just some of the questions which cause me to think/farm, in such a manner as to address my concerns and to take on such a monumental task. How can we properly address any of these concerns without putting them into practice on the farm and reconnecting with Nature? Our health concerns are at the core of these issues.

Possible consequences: Disaster, a lost civilization, living in a society plagued by brutal warfare,  collapse, people become desperate, food and clean water are dwindling, pollution and trash contaminates the environment, thousands of people are starving, malnutrition and disease are ravishing the population, citizens no longer trust their leaders nor themselves, they feel the need be be armed to protect themselves from themselves, political turmoil plague the nation, one by one the old is abandoned for the new which cannot be sustained, civilizations begin to crumble, a great people just disappears, it is a mystery to how this all happened and we wouldn't be a first.... why wait, live in a world of denial, fostered by a false sense of security???

I don't know all the answers but am willing to work with you to this end. We are ready for a complete rewarding experience and it's going to take doing things a bit different, regenerative agriculture.

I do not view this task as monumental but as each person doing what they can to lead to a sustainable lifestyle.

Thanks, your inner voice by Art Thomas

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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