the message behind the killing of 5 white American cops

We want to act like we only understand the one side and who writes the history, will the truth be told...

What was the message behind the killing of 5 white American cops

Certainly, white America is going to deem such an act as retaliation, resisting, revolt, criminal... to prove their point, business as usual. But does this make it true? Was "Sitting Bull" a criminal for defending his people?

The war between Black and White America has persisted since the beginning of inhumane treatment against Black Americans by White Americans and rightfully so. The only difference is Black Americans have not had the courage to even attempt to get the upper hand because every time we tried we were met with even more inhumane treatment and blind eyes.

History needs to know the intent of the Black shooter was in resistance to the shooting of innocent black people.

Was it criminal senseless shooting or was it self-defense? The best answer: What is the message behind White police shooting innocent Black Americans, what is the message behind sending an armed robot in to take out a single black shooter? This shooter was only doing what most Black Americans desire to do but are afraid to do, especially during slavery. Then, we would not face these problems of today.

Black Americans are afraid of the consequences of resisting White America, so what does this tell you? Do white Americans fear the consequences of resisting Black Americans? No, they will resist just to show whose in charge. and that is why dialogue has not and will not work. 

Any positive mediation is based upon conditions of control. We will give you just enough of what you want to be quite. This stingy "that'll do" mentality is so deep rooted in our society, it permeates our family structure.

It could not have been revenge because Black Americans are not allowed to take revenge against white Americans in America, it is forbidden. The shooter knew that punishment levied by white Americans against Black Americans is extremely excessive and not justified.

Why did this shooter take such extreme measures in his own hands? Because he is a Black American.

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!