racial overtones, The People and The President

How can such an esteemed system of dealing with its own people be so quick to turn against the same?

It is disgrace “when nobody knows what they want and what you get is nothing like what it should be”, is it a poor reflection on the mentality of people or the President's?

The people thought they were making a better choice; they were convinced, eager to claim victory, just like in the previous election. The newly elected President had already predicted, against all odds, he was going to win, even if it came to defeating a most experienced female, with the support of two former Presidents.

Do you believe our democracy really represent the vast majority of the people? We went from a ground breaking election, claiming they pulled “we the people” out of the racial hole, to an election implying we the people had made another most devastating blunder. Which President was the more history making, the Black one or the more mentally ill one?

There were a large group of Americans who were elated and made claim to the ground breaking election results, even though these same Americans sacrificed receiving help, due to the interpretation of racial overtones?   

There are those who have accepted the sophisticated trickery of politics and want to move on; yet having to contend with those of us who refuse to accept these results and are reporting enough chaos and confusion to oust the new regime. The question is: How do you oust a President we “the most mentally confused people” allege to be mentally unfit? Who would replace him? If he was mentally stable/wise enough to take the election, what causes you to think you are now the wiser? Like closing the door after the cows are out

A people very misinformed, misguided and in a serious state of denial, how do you take them serious? Do you realize how much we the people have “given up” for the false notion of convenience? We are now so addicted to conveniences being provided, we are reluctant to engage in any activities which might even cause us to be bit more responsible, even to raising our own children. In doing so, we have resorted to further exploiting people, land and resources in the name of profit. Hence, “we the people” have forfeited our power in exchange for believing a well funded representative will do more for “you” than you can for self. Money is now our greatest measure of stability, does this make sense?

Like some church goers believe the church and people attending change lives for the better, over the reality of these very same people are actually causing more harm than good. In other words, GMOs are only a cheaper, more dangerous alternative for consumers but 100% good for those seeking profit.

This all goes to prove the people never changed their mentality, only their appearance and those who were under the impression of inclusion are still in a serious state of denial about the illusion? Until people admit the difference, our well intended systems will be exploited until collapse.

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!