The Nice and Naughty Side of YOU

Why is our nice side always out front?

Why are we encouraged to present one side of us when there are two? We say we want you happy, but our every action says we do not.

Some say, it is better you not see the other side of me, others walk around suppressing it, but did you know there are those of us who understand how to use your naughty side to get you to do what we want?

As we spend so much time trying to live like we think others want to see us, so often we are not ourselves. There is so much betrayal and deceit in the world today, it is for our own good to suppress our true feelings. What good does it do to have secrets when you know somebody is going to tell and it is going to be someone in whom you confide. Why do we confide when we know what we tell in secret will be shared? Nobody wants to share secrets with someone they believe is going to tell, but every time that is the very person who tells.

We evoke so many strategies to maintain our privacy, at the same time knowing whatever it is will be revealed. Sounds like work in vain. There's the "don't ask don't tell" but can the fact be hidden? People cannot be naughty alone, there must be at least a perpetrator and a victim in every case, one of the two are going to to tell. What good is disguising your identity when identity theft is one of the most popular crimes? How do you think it became a popular crime? If what we were doing was helping in any kind of way, there would not be so much crime and corruption in the world and even though we are overwhelmed by these two you still have the nerve to act like you are suppressing your naughty side.

For those who have suppressed their naughty side so much  until they are constipated, depression and stress are the results. We must have more outlets to address the naughty behavior within.

It is okay for one group to be naughty even though it threatens those who are denied. When those denied attempt to express their naughty behavior, they become a threat to those denying. Remember when it was illegal for a people to display happiness in public. It was actually a practice that certain people felt the urge to laugh, they had to cover their face with a paper bag. Why would anyone deny happiness and at the same time, wonder why you are not happy? Why is it okay for them to publicly express their happiness and not for me?

(((your inner

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!