The oppressor group

Is there a such group and if so who are they?

Like there's not already enough work to go around, why create more?

Just how did we lose our ability to think. We went from walking with no fatalities to riding with huge fatalities and think this is acceptable. What is the cost of driving or is it not thinking? First, we had stop signs, then they weren't good enough, so we went to lights. Now we have more lights and stop signs than you could ever imagine, yet the rate of accidents continue to climb. The thing about this all is, it lends the notion the more we do to make up for lack of thinking the less thinking we do.

Americans are divided in two distinct cultures. Yes, forget all the other bullshit groups you may want to belong and understand which group you're in. One is the oppressor culture (more, more, more) and the other is the oppressed culture (less, less, less). Do you want to oppress anyone, if not you cannot belong in the oppressor group, no matter how hard you work or equal to. To whom do you want to be equal and there's only one option left.

We call it career progression, upward mobility, no child left behind... anything for a reason to leave the group we're in because we think our group to be considered less. But think about the group to which you aspire to belong and there's no "inbetween". Don't let money fool you, there is only one thing the oppressors care about. And it ain't you, your money, education, job performance, they will push you aside if you ain't oppressing. Ask Marcus Garvey, Bill Cosby, MlK, Malcolm X, Obama, the Mexicans, Native Americans, Russians, Muslims, Jews, Cubans... They always have somebodies they want to oppress like hell.

The oppressor culture is identified as a very aggressive minority, white, upper-class, Christian, heterosexual males. The issue is the domination of the oppressed culture by the oppressor culture. Why does one man see the need to dominate another?

The oppressor is obsessed with control and have formed a strong bond around isms; racism, sexism, superiorism... These isms are used to dominate their more docile oppressed and anyone failing to go along will be shunned and/or viewed as a threat to anything good and wholesome.

The oppressor have ideas/rules, but can't make them reality without the oppressed, yet reap "all the benefits".

Needless to say, but the oppressed group is anyone who does not look like the oppressor and most noticeable about this group is it is the majority of people. The oppressed suffers from lack of self-esteem, therefore struggles so hard just to survive or assimilate with their oppressor, this vicious cycle operates seamlessly within our society. Why does one man see the need to be dominated by another?

Here profit is introduced. The oppressor needs the labor of the oppressed to increase his profit margins. The oppressed, against all logic, seizes this opportunity to speed the process of pulling himself out of oppression and the process repeats.

The oppressed does "all the work" to bring ideas into reality, yet reap no benefit. And if you think you're benefiting forces are created to ensure you remain under control.

Though some perceive themselves as making it out, achieving a more developed state, nothing could be further from the truth because they just turn right around causing even more oppression. Though everyone lays claim to progressing (achieving a more developed state) the reality of it all is both groups are regressing (achieving a less developed state).

So what do you do, look at the ants, everybody has a job. Nobody has to create jobs for anybody and if a man creates a job for you, do you think he's going to give you the job he wants?

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!