the penis on the word LOve

Why create words we do not understand not intend to ever understand and use them to confuse the hell out of each other?

Is love a real word, can it be practiced, does it make the world a better place? Why are sex crimes, domestic violence and abuse rising at an alarming rate?

Why i started this with with penis? Because every man has a penis and his penis is his driving force into the world.  He also has a strong desire to insert it into the vigina of a woman and to make this morally and ethically, socially, religiously and politically correct, the woman has created the word love and men go along to get along. Together we created the word love as the number one priority for doing this all. And this all works in the reverse as well, with women.

If it was working, would not the world be a better place? If it worked could we do such terrible things to each other? If we even loved ourselves... would we do such terrible things to our children, family members, friends???

Love and the word peril are synonymous to the way we practice love. We use love as our way to worldly possessions. We peril our lives for the love of possessions.

We are the biggest liars to ever walk the face of the earth! We are getting lazier by the second. We do not care about shit, not even our own asses. We act as if we care for or love about money, but look at our surroundings?

We created this word to make ourselves appear to be a good human being, but have no earthly idea what it means nor how to put it into practice.

Mostly, we used the word love as an excuse to insert the me, the penis, into a vigina. The results of which has been poor relationships, domestic violence and abuse. There are a few of us who pretend we have mastered the art of love, but in reality are about as far from it as we are from entering into the gates of heaven or hell.

Why cannot we love? We, as human beings are so battered, broken, born, live, die in this miserable environment, so we created a word to make this all look better. The word love, in our sense of practice, is like a person calling themselves clean but living in a filthy environment. Our idea of the word love has evolved into an individual practice while living in a group environment.

We are supposed to be social, which has evolved into being selfish, through the practice of our idea of the word love.

If we were to put into practice what we call love, there would be no need for this word, nor any reason to attempt to describe what separates us from each other or our feelings towards each other.

Most commonly, we used the word to describe a relationship between family or a man and woman, which would go without saying to the whole human race but because we have targeted it towards who we want, the whole notion of love has collapsed.

If we loved each other in any sense of the word, would we need police, would crime be so high and steady rising, would there be a need for religion, government, taxes, demographic information, same-sex, would we need money to do anything....??? Each human being would take responsibility for helping the next and this ain't even in a perfect world.

Literally, we have created the world love as a very good excuse to "fuck our fellow man".

You cannot love one thing and hate another. You may think you can but in reality you really never loved the first.

(((your inner

Penis on thinking with your head not with your penis

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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