The poorest of the poor

Where is the continuity in any of this?

Who could be more poorer than you? When you do not pay in kind? Nobody here is rich, so how do we come to this conclusion? You certainly were not born better than anyone else and life treats you no different so why make this difference? How is being rich or poor a benefit or disadvantage?

Whatever happened to the ability to be able to rationalize the difference between helping and hurting? Why does industry place a number one priority on their ability to exploit people, land and resources, to make a profit off the very same people? What if things were reversed? What if the people destroyed all your efforts?

Whatever happened to being happy for the happiness of others? 24 hour life and going somewhere for just a little gossip and a laugh? How much does this cost? Why do we pay more for a less reliable gossip? What about "our" zest for life, do we have this in common? They say, wherever there is misery, you will find family, so where is the family and why are you suffering? Why is there no solution or the only solution is to destroy one another?

If you have something, how can you view those who do not, as being less than you? Do you want to be shared with? Why do you see yourself as more deserving and the person truly deserving, as less deserving? What does continuity mean to the lives of a such a society?

How can you be the poorest of poor in the poorest country in the world and the poorest of poor in the richest country in the world?

Problems, aren't we here to resolve them and to help each other through them, are we here to laugh at those with problems? Why would anyone want to live in a society which only embraces them based on conditions? Good Karma? What about the more you have the more required?

Living in society which never gives back and does not appreciate the art of "giving" back, yet expect everything to be given? How can you flee poverty by moving on the other side of the street and rebranding yourself? Or moving into another space and stealing everything they have?

Where is the value in trading and what good is money during a natural disaster? What happened to your self-worth and why are you portraying yourself as beneath and needy to the world? Why does a lavish lifestyle appear more attractive than a life quite and without risk?

Why do those who claim to understand the most, but in reality do not understand shit be accredited for so much knowledge? Why do we relish in putting our lives in their hands? i'm not angry but just don't get that kind of mentality. How is their lives so much better than mine, when in reality, it is absolutely worse? Then, when you do get a luxurious item, you cannot maintain it, even a good partner.

Poor or rich is an evil state of mind, which destroys the most robust of human souls. To make matters worse, we bring this upon ourselves, while if one did not know the other, there would be no problem.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!