The veil of ignorance is upon us.

It is now or never, the final countdown!

Ever wish you had grown up in a society who was about what they say they are? What about why there are so many conflicts over things we cannot help, like land, resources and people? that shit will be here when you're dead and gone, why fight over it? Then, the shit you are fighting over is easily resolved by somebody after you are gone. Why, if we are such superior beings why cannot we get along with each other? I understand disputes between other animals, but why between families, adults, husbands and wives, each other? Do you know we are the biggest threat or obstacle standing in our own way, why?

My thoughts were I was not going to be this way when I become an adult, but now look. Am I this ignorant or do I know something other don't? Now, it is I got to tell somebody, anybody, everybody this shit is hurting me.

Do you realize all the stupid shit we do to each other? If you just take "for women" alone, the results are overwhelming. Do you realize how many walk down the aisles to a song they have no earthly idea about? What about all the political arguments, especially doing elections and we have nerve to call this democracy and want to force this shit on the rest of the world?

They do not know its culture, its economic situation, or political climate. It is important for John Rawls that the planners of this future society operate behind this Veil Of Ignorance, for as Rawls says, “if a man knew that he was wealthy, he might find it rational to advance the principle that various taxes for welfare measures be counted unjust; if he knew that he were poor, he would most likely propose the contrary principle.  To represent the desired restrictions, one imagines a situation in which everyone is deprived of this sort of information.” 

You know our system of democracy is not working when 90% of its citizens do not know what it is and 10% keep changing so they will never know. Elected officials, are they for the whole people or for pushing hidden agendas over on the whole people? Primal instinct to communicate, do you think ancient ancestors led us wrong? We know too much, but fail to realize, if we know anything then it would not be the way it is.

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!