Take this Job and shove it!

to be a business in America you must be profitable, then what does a handshake mean today?

Is this true and is it realistic? What is a good skill and what is a bad skill? Whatever happened the best person for the job? If you have to keep doing things to be profitable, how is this profitable? And if you keep doing the same old thing, yet expecting a different result, how is this wise?

We been losing for a long time. Not fighting a losing battle but for fighting a battle not worth winning or losing. How can you ever win? Just doesn't make sense to keep killing, hurting innocent people, including your own, for no apparent reason, other than "somebody in the profit margin said so". I was in the military for 23 years, a vet for even longer and have yet to encounter a soldier who was in the war for the war. Soldiers fight wars to defend their love ones. Poor people take a chance on their lives by using the military to help better their lives. Then come home to police waging war on the very people you both swore to protect. Do you know the difference and a good soldier is going to find a way to fight back.

So, Americans are creating businesses and striving to be successful, but there is something causing this objective to be missed. The more we strive, the deeper this elusive and very evasive carrot dives in the sea of the most biased, corrupt, double standard, profit driven industry, ever to exist in America. There is so much pressure being applied on businesses to produce income, at any cost, they must resort to immoral and unethical means, in order to avoid being another victim of the very systems created to protect them. Even now, the biggest culprit, for sucking its citizens bone dry, is our government over its perception of "needing money over people". How do they pull off this scam? Tricked into pulling the wool over your own head and eyes!

Can every business be profitable and should any business be profitable? Our chosen definitions of this term  makes it hard to answer affirmative, while who doesn’t want to earn as much money as possible and this notion is the evil cloak, under which American businesses operate.

The pressure applied causes businesses to sacrifice quality for quantity, using their abilities to reach the masses as a means of credibility, which is the greatest scam to date. This immoral and unethical tactic is allowed under the auspices of marketing and advertising, and is top driven. So, why change the system when it is so much easier to join, in name of “needing a dead-end job”, which now equates to “needing a buck” in order to survive.

From where will you get the buck has caused a price to placed on everything which was naturally FREE. The perceived need for a buck has manifested itself into a real need punishable by law, if you fail to cooperate and people result to the unthinkable to avoid such punishments.

Where is the crime being committed in the grand scheme of things? The business of doing business in America is a very tricky and treacherous endeavor, most business people, for obvious reasons, does not want to expose, so consequently it is all lies. The most notorious lie of all is, “you need money to make money”. Then, from where came the first money? Then there is the lost of valuable skills needed to survive.

The proverbial handshake, which has been used to seal many-a-good deals has been replaced by worthless signatures, paper trails and predatory practices.

Money is a material created by man and its only purpose in life is the importance we give it. Money has nothing to do with character building, as matter of fact; we have proven just the opposite. The fact of the matter is the more money you get, the more money you think you need”. How can this ever be a success?

Definitions, what they don't tell you is being in business and being a successful business has nothing to do with profits and losses, but all to do with the level character associated with your efforts.

The best person for the job has evolved into the best person capable of swindling you out of your money.

To live in America you must pay, the reason why you must pay is to support those smart enough to swindle you in to a job so they can swindle you our of your money. Now, if you about this fact/truth, though it is actually want's going on, but it make no sense. Why would any kind, generous, wise, man impose such sanctions upon himself and his people? And if you think the cost of living is outrageous, think of the costs/profits in operating a business, at which most of us fail miserably, because we teach one thing and d0 another? Teamwork, all for one, one for all, I'm Clemson fan and it goes down hill from there. Our finest institutions, most trustworthy knowledge, information, education and why do they cause YOU to feel like you are their enemy? The only time Americans would like to come together is during times of disaster. We teach always be prepared, but do business like "there is no tomorrow". We've got it bad, poor crackers, slick ass niggers, money stealing East Indians, teachers and preachers who have to get paid for doing a job at which they fail miserably, unless you want to consider doing a good job at luring you into a trap acceptable... that's a whole nother story. Think about Wall St., Main St., Banks are they really on the up and up? Our leaders, follow the leader, just fucked up that game. Amazing how huge sources of information for Americans to live a better life, like the Wall St Journal, New York Times... are a day late and a dollar short, when it comes to things which really matter. Really, other than being nosey, how does this information improve my life? Of what value is it to me, because I know there ain't shit I can do about it?

While they talk about global warming, I stressed trying to pay my bills, fix things around the house, do my part at being a good neighbor... but if I listen to them, I would want a gun permit so I can defend my honor. Well, that is what this is coming to, history repeating itself, you cannot believe it, caught again off guard, in a serious state of denial, because you are so unprepared.

Then there are those who think they can survive anything. They do not give a damn, they are prepared to absolutely the unthinkable to bring about the desired behavior, at all costs and even if it calls for killing their own "grandma".

Want good is a small business? In schools and on the streets, we are taught the same business practices, mostly... pay, pay, pay, but find out, it is nothing like what they said? They create a means to be paid and after you pay, how do you get paid? Not enough on whose end, why is not enough always" the problem, the motivation, the drive? If you must do it yourself, leave your family, be stressed, then how do you work for someone else and call it easier? That's my problem, how do you work for anyone more stupid than you? Anyway, we found a reason to justify this, so that says, this is what we want to do.

Genocide, Slavery, Racism, Politics, Legal, Illegal, Crime, Corruption, we get paid for doing this all and this is "Big Business".

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!