There are those who jump...

What about our children, those who know better

Why do women turn children against fathers? Why do children turn against parents, parents against children and the shit just goes on?

Ever ask yourself, "Why, how, do people commit suicide? I call it rush your life away? Why do we think we can rush shit? We're so busy rushing shit it is going wrong faster than we can keep up? We're rushing so fast we don't know which lie we told last.

We're constantly listening to what mass media produces, all the sounds we hear are so polluted with shit we've built to "so call" make life better and it's so much shit we now think we cannot do without, it's normal, it's acceptable. I say all this shit has driven us mad. What used to make no sense, now makes sense and what used to make sense, today makes no sense, what kind shit is that, where are we going?

Does shit really change like that? Are we really that wrong and don't realize it?

Is that what people like Mr. Cosby did? Think about shit, why would somebody, anybody be so determine to bring down such huge prey?

Innocent or guilty, but why all the mud-slinging and it ain't one way or the other but you're determine, so determine to prove his ass GUILTY? How could one man sucker 25 women before knowing his ass was wrong, do women really keep secrets like that? Is that why it's so hard to believe women?

I see it the same as slavery, if you can go back and bring all this Bill Cosby shit to date, you can go back and bring all those Suddam Hussein Evil Ass Slave participants to justice. Did he get away with murder? So, if he was dead it would be okay?

I would and think they are more deserving, it would be more satisfying, gratifying, making sense, serving justice, if anybody wronged a descendant of slavery then we would torment his ass just as we're tormenting the hell out of Bill... and then don't leave out The Trail of Tears perpetrators, will you please stand-up and wave your hands.

Then, there are "the wrongful convictions", ever been a victim of that? WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE - Bill Cosby. But first let us torment the hell of him.

Ever tried to tell a Policeman, a Patrolman you weren't speeding, to forgive you, you didn't mean it, give me a break man? That "I'm just doing my job" shit goes a long ways in America. So, what good does it do to be good anymore if there's no tolerance? Are we so perfect now?

Today it's wrong, tomorrow the very same shit is okay, how many people must suffer before we realize how wrong we are and if someone were to punish our asses for what we didn't tell, we wouldn't be hear today - such big hypocrites? It's okay for one but not the other? When I see these lying, phony asses on tv don't you think I know? Can you say what you want or is it what they allow?

Do you think having cameras everywhere is progress or decline? Is it because we're so good and getting better or to help catch the wolf dressed in sheep's clothing? Ever stood back and watched a  public hanging? What happens when "the people" go mad? Do they know it, are they convinced, can they be swayed, how many lives destroyed due to being a faggot, a biggot...? How many marriages due to male chauvinism? How many for being a slave, a negro, a colored man, an Afrikan-American, a black man, an innocent youth, who the hell are these people? They don't have sense, they're not like us, hell they don't even like themselves, what kind of  people are these?

These are people who see having a gun as progress. They see the right to bear arms as an indication of things getting better and if it ain't, they're going to make it better. They don't give a flying fuck about the number of gun crimes committed, just so long as they can have a gun to protect themselves from gun crimes. Well, if you had a gun and abused it, do you deserve to have another gun?

What kind of people are these who love being abused? Whose going to be first to lay their guns down? Are you really that trigger-happy? Do you see no other way? You don't want a gun for a tool, but a weapon, how does this make you any better than the common criminal against whom you are? Billy Bad Ass, there are two of you coming, which one do you shoot before the other shoots your ass? Does the gun trade replace the slave trade?

What exactly is bullshit, is there a such thing or is it I'm trying to be vulgar, am I wrong, not knowing or is my tolerance level just that damn high.

One of the major issues are people smoking marijuana, whether it should be legalized or not... The don't ask don't tell, AIDS, Ebola, Political, Professional, there's just all kinds of bullshit. There's so much bullshit our tolerance level is out of sight. Why Bullshit the Bullshiter, is that anything like Bullfighting? Is it the adrenalin rush?

The adrenalin gland theory, where one fish wants to be bigger than the other, how high does this shit go? You can't see anything normal any more, whatever the hell that is? The Tea Party, Democrat, Republican, Dr., everybody's name is preceded with bullshit, they can't just be a regular human beings anymore. Mr., then Mrs., Mr. Mrs., Mrs. Mrs and Mrs. Mister. And it''s hard to live without a job. Does that make sense to you? Were you born to have a job, what about a slave, what about a job after being a slave?

Then you know what? Out sight, out of mind. Now, you know shit is really getting deep, deeper than you could ever think about imaging. There's Hollywood bullshit is it reality or reality? Is it any indication of what "ought to be going on in your life?

So what are we doing to ourselves?

(((your inner

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!