trapped in your own bullshit

HOw do you know, when the only way you see out is suicide?

Everybody wants bullshit but nobody wants drama??? Ever bought something, immediately regretted it, because you learned you had been scammed, attempted to return it and they give you every excuse in  the book to refuse accepting it back? Buying and selling inferior goods have become business as usual, in America.

Well, if you could do anything worthwhile, why would you wait? How do you know this same opportunity will present itself tomorrow or later and then we talk about good things come to those who wait,,, you might want ask Native Americans how long have they been waiting?

White people and their bullshit, do you think they ever fucking listen or do they just create more bullshit to prove their bullshit? Why do I start with White folks, because in their pea-brains it all begins and ends with their asses. Somehow, they "always" see themselves on top and want to spoon-feed the rest of the world, from the hoards of their great riches, stored in their huge warehouses. Now, we're more concerned about crime and corruption than we are about helping one another.

We chose two and call this a monogamous relationship, governed by our sacred hypocritical love-laws, cleverly disguised under the holy vows of matrimony.

The rest of the world includes their indentured servants and the slaves and Ripley's Believe It Or NOT, we know this, but refuse to acknowledge this. What would a poor man be without a rich?

Do you think we have the ability to ask for help, do we even know how, but at the same time, we see ourselves with the ability to help every fucking body else. How stupid can we get? Do we need help with guns, do we need help with money, how is your credit, your education, your job, your quality of life...??? Do you get along with your neighbors, do your women have all the freedom they deserve, what about your children, your religion, your food and the shit just goes on and on? What is it with all the shit coming from China? How in the hell did this come about, when I have no personal relationship with anyone from China? Do you personally know anyone from China, then why are you using so much of their shit, yet want to kick immigrants out? Would not we do this to enjoy more of our own? Is buying from China a choice, an option, wtf are we doing?

People see themselves and planning the path to success and no matter how dim our social, economic and political situation looks within the community, city, state, nation... we sting manage to convince self, our little plan is working. Do you ever ask yourself, if all those around me are ill, what is my responsibility? Can you truly be a success, watching all others fail, calling it things like economy, depression, class, career, friendly competition.... life is practice, but live performance and tomorrow is only a result of surviving today. So, what is the purpose of accumulating all this shit, just so you can do your own work? Is this why we have an abundance of new cars, we cannot afford, run out of room to trash old ones and we just keep going?

So many assimilate/take the accumulation of material bullshit, as the accumulation of wealth. They live in these very lavish, well-thought out and planned communities. Literally, their plans to be the first, to be prepared...leads to hoarding, negligence, pain, suffering, depression, stress, hopelessness... creating their own prison from which they cannot escape. Why would anyone want to create anything which would bring them to their own demise, where is the pleasure in this, other than being pretentious?

Peer pressure, friendly competition, especially with a man who has gone through several very close relationships, don't you know each one of these relationships take a toll on your health?

Especially, those who are controlling, monogamous, the strong desire to live socially and politically correct. It is like being in a cocoon and to make yourself comfortable at your ability to attract more victims into your cocoon.

These alleged victims, willingly participate to escape their own woes and appeal to their sense of accomplishment, low self-esteem, only for a temporary fix.

Then, some kind of traumatic experience is encountered, finding themselves left out to dry or trapped in their own bullshit. You can get-too-high and life has a way of bringing your ass back down. The rich cannot forever be rich, nor can the poor forever be poor, because all this bullshit, is just that, a poor state of mind and being.

As a society, our priorities are so fucked, we have not a clue where to start fixing and by now, neglect our responsibilities as an individual to people, land and resources. What good does it do to own something or all this bullshit but do not maintain it? If we do not work the land, if we do not choose responsibility over ownership, if we do not look out for our neighbors... what good does it do for us to be a nation and you to be an individual?  We would be no more than cows in a pasture, repeating the same old bullshit, yet calling it progress and development.

(((your inner

Ownership Means What

People, land and resources

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!