Two Mules a Plowing!!!

How does this shining example demonstrate to us, what we are not suppose to do.

You say, why compare humans to two mules plowing? Well, the idiom stubborn as a mule fits us well. Just as two mules are bound together for easier plowing, so are we humans for better living and we can do nothing about separating up, but yet we think we can??? What does separate but equal mean, separate from what??? Think about this, either way we are still plowing, so what good is it?

First let's get a picture: School shootings, poor quality food, unaffordable whole foods, deportation bus, gun control, Russian probe, Sex abuse, single parents, kids raising themselves, bad relationships, political responsibility, corporate greed, none can be trusted, depression, domestic violence and abuse, Veterans, stressed the hell out, whatever happened to Native Americans... just overwhelmed with bullshit we're too arrogant to admit.

YOu know all this and ask, what is my point? You know all this and keep doing the same old shit, what is the definition of insanity? Is this something you want to be, was the goal, do you it to continue, then when are you going to change? Now, think of this as two mules plowing.

Have you lived long enough to know this day?

I hate you because you are Black, I hate you because you are White, I hate you because you are Gay...we've been wrong for so long, it feels right.

Was it pleasant, was it too much work, where was mass media, fast food joints, juke joints, after work entertainment, NAACP, Black Lives matter, Me Too Movement, Same-sex? You mean to tell me good hearted Americans lived a lifestyle forcing other human beings to do their hard labor? And today we complain about all the negative results we are experiencing??? Where were copy right protection when Black people were inventing ways to do the impossible, while being made as miserable as possible? You mean to tell me, good hearted Americans spent several generations making the lives of others as miserable as they possibly could?

We think we are so smart about animals but are we smarter than two mules, are superior,,, how can you plow anything with two disagreeable mules, they are too preoccupied with separating from each other, they cannot even obey their master.

Another point, what would you do, if put in this situation, you cannot get your mules to plow and all they do if fight, lie, cheat and steal? Why do you think you are an acception to this rule? Do you even understand what dominating another is all about? Do you want to be dominated and what is the best way to avoid this inhumane treatment? Do you care, do you believe you or anyone else can resolve violence with violence. What about violence only begets more violence? Is violence a necessary evil? Are you mules going to better perform if you beat the shit out of them-human trafficking?

How can you ignore all this and think it's okay because it does not affect you? Where is our sense of responsibility, if you do not feel a strong sense of responsibility in dealing with family matters, for all concerned? Family Matters and having values or a value system we all can agree upon only makes sense.

In this way, we could alleviate so many problems, pain and suffering? Do you think our own people are not suffering due to our own neglect? I'm pulling one way and you another and neither of us cares??? How smart is this? How do you think other view us? Can we fool them?

What will they achieve by fighting? So, if one dominates the other what will this accomplish? How will this help them better plow?

Searching to find the one? Do you really understand your purpose here on earth? Should we be making work and making work harder? Getting rid of Native Americans, taking over their land and calling it ours? Oh, conquering, force, dominating... is a positive way of gaining people, land and resources, building a nation? Violence is the best way to achieve peace and harmony? Can you make progress using diplomacy? What about helping your neighbor is a means to being helped? Treat others the way you want to be treated and all of that other bullshit we claim makes living worthwhile? Is a Mexican your neighbor, what about a Black man, what about a Gay, a poor family? Why do poor families and neighborhoods look any different than that of rich? Does money make a difference? Is this not achievable by all, regardless of income? Then, why do we want more money, taxes, bills, dues...?

Why is it the more we do, the more problems we create and call this progress? If we still hate each, shooting each other, unfair employment, immigration... how in the hell can you think you're doing something positive? Shit-hole people, who are they really?

(((your inner

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!