Very Keen Gardeners out perform Master Gardeners

Remember when farmers used to be the nicest people and everyone had a backyard garden, people were even nicer to each other, what happened to those days?

Still holding this pose....Another beautiful day to meditate in the garden, yoga, fitness center, spiritual place, all in one and this actually sustains me and my families. What does a Master Gardener know about this?

Ever ask a person who considers themselves a "Master Gardener" a question? Did you really understand the answer and could you apply it? Whatever happened to knowing what we need has already been provided and all we have to do is learn how to use it? You say, "it just ain't so is it"? Is it we know how to do it better by creating our own markets?

Since, the beginning of time, Very Keen Gardeners have existed, our grandfathers, great grandfathers.... but somehow we created the title Master Gardeners to describe people who have no earthly idea about gardening. Well, if they did and was doing their jobs, our society would have a greater appreciation about the importance of growing your own and not more than you need. How important is your food and being it is this important, why don't we take more care by growing more of our own? Our priorities are somehow misplaced. Why would anyone want to grow more than they it all about profit and can any single person be responsible due to for mistakes and greed on such large scale?

Today, gardening skills are not only lost in technological jargon "special words or expressions that are used by a particular profession or group and are difficult for others to understand". Then, we changed the title to disguise the corruption, "corporate farmers".For the economy, our ability to trade with one another is severely hampered while we develop a new reason to belittle each other.

Our tax dollars are happily and willingly donated to them for making us lazy, developing a dislike for gardening and at the same time appreciative for them providing inferior goods, complaining about weather conditions or any other excuse they can find to extort more money from the cookie jar.

The idea is not to plant more than you need but to reap a greater harvest/reward for planting what you need. It all has to do with "having a greater appreciation for each other and nature", serious business. Thank God for Very Keen Gardeners, whom if you ask a question they give an explanation which you can apply, generating a renewed spirit towards the life-giving, thankless task of successfully growing your own. This process is not only nutritional, but relieves stress and creates a greater appreciation for community. Becoming a Very Keen Gardener is the way to go...ARt

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!