The Way to The Heart of Your Woman

So you're out to get properly laid or to check if you are being properly laid. No harm in that...

Who would not want to know if they are properly laying or properly being laid? Sexy, Sexy!

How lucky are you? How long have we been mistreating our women and what does that say about us? Failing to realize that in mistreating our women, we mistreat self and everything around us. Then, we fail to admit, being in a serious state of denial. They've been mistreated so much for so long, they do not know how to recognize and accept "good treatment". Is this our intention?

Is it hard to imagine many going through life without ever being laid, but now you? What I say about those kind is,,,are they missing anything and what do they do instead?

Love is a powerful word and complicated as this matter is, I can’t imagine experiencing love to the max, without ever getting laid. Do not allow your ego to confuse getting laid with the way to a woman.

Should you ask another woman, no because no two women are going to agree. And it’s very interesting that men would like to know the key to their own attraction.

Nurturing, Understanding, affection, Complimenting..., but which one of these is the absolute most important? Things are constantly changing and we must be able to adapt or perish. However, the current exchange of intellect will not allow this to happen, due to “this is what you all say, but you know this ain’t right”.

Vision, this is my current state, but not where I am headed. Can you see this dream? It’s a bad wind that never changes. Your ability to figure out stuff is truly intriguing, but do not confuse that with how to get to a woman's heart.

The lover of land, they say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but what’s the way to a woman’s heart? Is it the ability of a man to take care of the earth, mother earth? It is our innate ability to take care of what was given, in order to get where we need to be? We’ve created so many distractions we smoother the “being” out of “human being”  with a fiend for yourself attitude. Everybody is standing around judging, but not willing to help - shameful.

We will never be able to move forward together without realizing the vision at the same time. The failure to  sound the alarm makes those who are not enlightened more vulnerable. Those pretending are wolves disguised in sheep clothing. They will sacrifice you every time?

I can tell you the way to my heart. But lots of women´s hearts are frozen. So you have to first thaw it out... heat her up on a wood stove and stir SLOWLY!!!!!!!! So, it’s like you must thaw them and stir while heating but don't forget to add the proper seasonings, self-confidence, self-esteem and compassion. It's being open-minded  and willing accept new ideas and experiences.

Why all that involvement, why can’t we all be human being to human being, paddling our own canoe? No pretense, it’s all exciting, natural and building as we go. Not like a dead fish but going with the flow of chartering new waters for better feeding or breeding grounds. It's all real time, keeping in mind the journey in life is very short. 

We are being guided by the signs of the universe just as with mass migration, we all know we need to go.

The TRUTH is the light and best describes your attraction to the women of your dreams. With that seed planted and nurtured along the way, it takes time, effort and patience for your harvest to materialize.

We just want to share the natural love we have, without going back into the same old hole again.

yes we got a revolution under foot.... r u in???

(((your inner

A Revolution Under Foot

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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