What Americans have versus what we Pay

Pay, pay, pay, how much can you pay is the new hit song in America 

You parents pay for your birth then they pay for you to live and this vicious never ending cycle repeats. Do Americans ever grow up and be on their own?

After you parents pay until you get a job, then they pay to use your products and services. What kind of shit is this?

Though we boast of living longer, our life cycle is significantly shorter. Basically Americans enjoy twenty years in a productive role in life. Before, you are too young and after forty the game goes on without you. Our society is geared so experience is sacrificed for inexperience. We feel we can get more for less out of someone who is unskilled versus someone skilled.

Is life meant to be a pay as you live kind of life?

Then, why do we have it that way. Utilities, do they ever get paid for and what is the use in paying for something you cannot pay for? You would think after all these generations of paying something would be paid for and what we have in surplus would be cheaper, instead of higher. Is it meant for prices to just keep going up? Is it meant to have no value to anything, just what we feel like charging today based on bogus justifications?

We act like we are paying someone to come in from Mars to do work for which we will profit. Like we have a treasury that is producing money and paying all Americans to hire someone else to do their work. We ignore the fact that everything we earn is off the backs of our own people. And even if we do go somewhere else for labor then to whom are we going to sell? If the foreign workers had any money they would not work so cheap.

Somehow, Americans see what they have as more than what others can achieve, therefore; we boast about being a superior country, but do things make you any better than the next man? Granted, there are many opportunities in America which cannot be had in neighboring countries, but do we tell you how much Americans pay to take advantage of these opportunities?

Americans have all but worked ourselves out of jobs and are surviving off empty promises. Do you realize how much money an American must earn in order to live a healthy lifestyle? Costs are so high most Americans cannot afford to eat healthy and not only because we cannot afford it, but we do not have time. What kind of quality of life can you live when you do not have time?

Time is the motivation for all we do, why even work if it means you will not have time? We wake up running and go to bed running. How can you even think when you spend the majority of your time thinking for someone else? Is that why the rate of depression is steadily climbing? Is a paycheck the only reason Americans go to work? How did Americans before us survive without a paycheck? Natives did not have a Wall Street and Main Street? They didn’t have to get job to earn an income to take care of their families. They didn’t have insurance and all these lavish dwellings we claim is necessary to work and live. Do we spend more time and effort creating a job and over complicating matters than the job ever pays, what good is this? The more money you earn the more you need to earn because everything goes up. When your job takes priority over family then we are in trouble. The more we live this irresponsible lifestyle the less we know about living.

The only reason immigrants to America come here to work is to earn more money to send to their homes. What does that do for Americans struggling to live at home, do you care?

What is happening to the incentive of being a “good citizen”? What is happening to our sense of belonging, our sense of home, family, values? It is all quickly eroding away just to earn money not worth the ink on which it is written.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!