What are we doing to each other?

I don't know you, business decisions, pleasure, no such thing as a hate crime..

Do you ever wonder, what the hell is going on? There is new construction everywhere, deforestation, money being spent like a flowing river... yet our society is getting progressively worse.

On every corner is a help center, a sign boasting of how better they can help, how great they are at what they do and why you should choose to "buy" their product or service. On the surface all of this looks and sounds great but the reality? The only missing sign is the sign of happiness and this all has to do with our sense of sharing and caring. So, which of us shares most and cares most?

Some would argue, oh, we're doing fine, we're the best but when you look at, let's just take old, abandoned, dilapidated buildings, it all seems like a terrible waste, gross neglect, dereliction of duty, gross stress and depression. Why do we need all the signs/billboards, how did we get along before them and do they help more than hurt? What exactly is a "life time warranty"? Why is a money back guarantee necessary? I mean if our quality of life does not come with such warranties and guarantees, how can we give them?

On one hand we arrest a man for being out of control and on the other, we honor a man for being out of control, which out of control is acceptable?

There are whole dilapidated towns and just up the road are brand spanking new buildings, offering the same junk. One would be forced to ask, what was wrong with the old buildings and how can we afford just to abandoned them and what good does it do to move on the other side of town to create just the same?

Even more important than buildings and things, are people. It is absolutely horrendous what we do to each other, not even batting an eye.

On one side, we are educating and on the other, we are incarcerating? On one side we are making things more affordable but on the other, quality suffers? One side we are saving sinners and the other, creating criminals. Is there anything to "everything has two sides" and what good are these two sides when they cancel each other out? Why even wake-up in the mornings knowing you will be less effective than yesterday and how does this create a brighter future?

Can we really help each other and can we be helped?

What are the two sides to building/creating/being family? We act like we are so holy, yet these "so holy people" are too quick to condemn those they perceive not and hence, we have so many "haters", unless you believe people are born haters, like we would like to believe people are born confused about their sexuality.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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