American Doctors

What happened to them?

As I attend one of the largest medical facilities in the United States, because I fought for the United States, it is hard press to find a doctor born and raised American. It makes you wonder what the hell are we fighting for. Not that I dislike our new friends but what happened to American doctors? Did they all get Ebola? How did all these foreign doctors learn about health care opportunities in America?

Though race is not as important when it comes to health care but the reality of this all is a of great concern. What happened to American doctors? What's going on with primary care in America? It's hard to get any and when you do, it's a great health risk.

And all the money we pay doctors from foreign countries because no naturalized American doctors are available. It's kind of sad when I speak better English than my American doctor? It's kind of sad when all that left is a foreign American doctor? Is this how the poor helps the rich? Ain't there enough sick mother fuckers in India? What about all them orphan East Indians? Why can't poor Americans go to Indian for good medical care? What happened to Native American doctors?

Dr Sanjay Gupta, do you reckon you could commit his name to memory? The only part that's English is "Dr". Nice people but what are they doing to American doctors? Is this what America is all about? Is this why it is so damn hard to get a driver's license anymore? Is this how East Indian really look or is he just posing for the picture? He's in American dress and she's in traditional dress, what's up with that? Where is his traditional dress and why isn't he wearing it? Follow the money.

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!