What do people of color feel when we encounter White people

Is it love at first sight, do we roll out the red carpet, do Whites respect and show a high degree of dignity and respect towards people of color, why are we even having this discussion? Has anything changed and why not?

Most just overlook and if you keep reading you will further understand why. 

First, if you are a do nothing person, please stop reading. What do I mean by do nothing, you do not stand one way or another. Means you are enabling the problem of inhumane treatment of fellow human beings. You are one of those who didn’t give a shit about a slave being hung, it all was just another day of business as usual. If you aren’t against bullying then you support the problem. You either is or ain’t.

Okay, for those of us working to see a better world, What do people of color feel and think when we encounter Whites? And in the reverse, what do Whites feel when they encounter people of color? Am I foolish enough to believe you really would like to coexist with me, as equals???

I guess it depends on how much color you have or what’s at stake. if you have money and/or resources, they will bow down to you. Well if you have nothing, then you are less fortunate.  But my thing is to dispel of the attitude Whites have about themselves and that is, they are welcome everywhere, any time, under any circumstances, while at the same time, people of color are closely criticized and scrutinized, just because of their color.

The Red Cross, religious and other charitable organizations, including medical will their power to pressure people in to conforming. The thing is, they carry themselves as being superior, but what about their problems, trying to make a fool of everyone? It's not all, but most and even crazier, we fall for it. We want them to believe they are superior.

Kenya, West Africa, my White friend tells me about her trip to Kenya, how they rolled out the red carpet, with love and caring and it was reciprocated??? Though Kenya is not considered one of the African countries suffering under apartheid, the historical evidence of Kenya's economy, culture, and social standards comes from the British rule from 1888-1963. Maybe Kenyans were happy under British rule, imperialism, White settlers, colonization,,,then why not? The British would force their beliefs and ideas of a more “civilized” lifestyle on the native people of Africa. I don’t know that much about Kenya but it is no different than any other country. Whites feel obliged to force their shit upon others but when roles are reversed, they are the first to cry out.  This is what bullies can so easily forget, but memories are long lasting for their victims.

If Kenyans opened their arms to welcome White folk, Europeans… what White folk welcome Kenyans and where it it reciprocated? This is my point and what she doesn't understand. Why do Americans refer to such people as “shithole”?

You cannot tell White folk shit, they know every fucking thing, especially from a Black person, and they can too easily justify their violence and abuse to get what they want, while condemning others. The Whites who claim innocence help enjoy the spoils, just as my friend to Kenya. She really thinks her group was making a difference but fail to realize them Kenyans was making them feel that way to get what they wanted, that's it.

Black people the world over are actually terrified of Whites, whether they admit it or not and if we donot, it because Whites have something we really want.

We don’t mean no harm but this is what makes us so fucking dangerous, ignorance and failure to understand, take a stand, but enjoy the spoils of war. We cannot be trusted. How can you, of White descent, enter so freely in a land your ancestors have exploited for profits, calling yourself coming in peace and harmony, progress and development? That's how America was won. It is like embracing terrorists, their supporters and tag-a-longs. Does the Trail of Tears mean anything to you, what about the violence and abuse against Africans in America...? And your destruction is not only domestic but worldwide.

Your assassinations of the likes of innocent fellow human beings like, MLK, Harriet Tubman, Medgar Evers, Osama, Saddam, Osceola, Emmit Till, Sitting Bull and the list goes on and on. Talking to these people, they wish all White folk were dead and understandable so. Resistant to policies but what do you call your violations of established policies? Is it White Supremacy? Things have only changed for the worse primarily because victims are paid hush money or intimidated to prevent them from disclosing embarrassing and discreditable information. Who would believe the shit I write, what the hell do I know? 

It is the same as we act about The Trans-Atlantic Slave TRade, it never happened, we cannot identify the culprits, but yet and still, we can honor the White heroes and build memorials to them. However, if this was another country, we would employ precision bombing, intelligence gather to neutralize their operations, even if it is none our business or does not affect us at all. Then, it is Blacks or people of color who enable Whites to pull off these hypocritical stunts, against our own people. We have no loyalty at all to our cause.

Who, what country boast of Firepower Superiority and we use it to carry out every evil deed in the books? Planes, trains, buses, buildings, highways, byways, all in the name of progress, but without regard and total disrespect for sacred lands, but you force everyone else to respect yours.

Oh, because you say you do not participate, we're supposed to leave ourselves vulnerable to your lies. Then, why do Whites have armies, police, politicians to protect and further their business interest? Where are the "peace brigades"? Is this the epitome of civilization by whose standards?

Back to my point, People of color, especially Blacks have a love hate relationship for Whites and Whites like it as long as it does not obstruct their quest for White Supremacy. I liken it to the relationship between lions and hyenas; we coexist but prefer to be mortal enemies rather than hunting buddies.

Whites fail to police themselves and all their evil ways are cloaked under their quest for progress, development, charity, state of the art..., when there wasn't shit wrong in the first place, now things are much worse.

No matter how people of color welcome White folk or from which country, how can our violent and abusive history “just be overlooked” most of which was and still is being perpetuated by Whites and Blacks desiring a White lifestyle. Everything is never as it seems.

And do you know what gender is most involved in perpetuating this violent and abusive relationship between people of color and Whites, the least of them,  women. The brotherhood, somehow, missed the sisterhood and women have been struggling for recognition they don't even understand, especially White women with their racist asses and Black women with their religious asses.

I'm on my knees looking for answers, are we humans then why do we promote all this other demographic information, why more borders instead of more bridges?

I appreciate those of you who do not see the problem, but that is not helping but hurting. Is Black supremacy the answer to White supremacy? If I was pushing for supremacy would I admit this? These wars go on because "we really don't give a fuck".

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!
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