What people want to know

Do you really think people want to know what you think?

Even if it is about them, do you think they want to hear the truth? Why spend so much time and effort trying to hide what you don't want people to know when you can spend much less effort being yourself?

What is it about self, we do not like? What makes you "think" we didn't we come into this world good enough?

What people want versus what we give them. On a daily basis we're bombarded by headlines upon headlines of what I call bullshit. Because I call it that does not mean people are not paying attention to it. People pay attention to this junk because it takes their mind off what they could be doing. Somehow listening to mass media and playing with technology makes  you feel like you're doing something more important than what you're supposed to. Then, you hear about those who are supposedly making easy profits, so you try the same.

There are some very tempting outside influences which appeals to our greedy nature, therefore, can be easierly used against us.

Take fast food: What started out being a good alternative is now an unhealthy high priority. These mega joints control it all. Do you realize how many animals die everyday so we can make millions of cheap products in mass--napkins, plastic ware, condiments, food...? What started out being good and wholesome is now detrimental, but who cares? Mass is not a good thing when it is out of control and perpetuates corruption. What you realize is how treacherous and ruthless the game is without being in it and the rest of the shit they want you to believe is a lie.

All people want to know is, How to better themselves. None of which, requires any of  the technological bs and mass media hype we've concocted for a quick profit. Now, we don't know the difference between what is real and what is scam. It's not what we have but how we use it.

The crazy part about this all is we're constantly looking from the inside out instead of from the outside in. The problem is, we do not know where to start fixing.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!