When you cannot trust anyone else?

I know most have never been there and are encouraged not to give up, but you might want to reconsider what society dictates.

How does society dictate trusting and never giving up? Especially, in relationships, marriage, family, preacher, teacher.... Disappointment is a motherfucker when you finally accept there is no Santa Claus. That there's no such thing as retirement, semi-retirement and you good paying job and productive career is just a fluke to keep you working for greater profits and nothing else. And the education for which you are so diligently working is for a worthless piece of paper which will expire before you get off campus. You go to church and when you come out, the only thing changed is your thinking and it ain't long till you must fight to move!!! If we told the truth, things would not be as bad.

Society again dictates "believe"! Further, what you believe will finally come to you? So, if you give love, love will be returned.... then why does love escape our society? "Why are there so many broken relationships and people and hatred flourishes"? Is it doom and gloom or our serious state of denial? What does one President think of the next?

War also is a motherfucker! Slavery is also another motherfucker! BEing lied to is a personal assault on one's ability to survive. The thing of intentionally deceiving, like in advertisement,... hope you get my point.

All this phony shit is rolled up and cleverly disguise in "all" the shit you like and called "marketing and advertising". Under this umbrella, we accept our own self-destruction.

How do you go along, how long can you last going along to get along in a "profit driven society", where all you do is actually backwards and to your own demise?

So, we are determined, just plain ole obsessed with the idea of defying all odds, believing things like Jesus is going to come into your room, without ever realizing you donot even have a room on this earth, because you already know, your place on this earth is already owned by someone else. So, your room is in somebody's else's room and you are struggling to believe it is not so. In other words, trust and believe in anything but yourself, because you are not trustworthy!

To keep yourself from being alienated in a society, you know is untrustworthy, you behave in such a way to cause you to believe you are trustworthy and that is how all these atrocities are allowed to flourish. Do you still think jumping and shouting is going to save your evil ass? What about making your own music and jumping around to it is soothing your evil ass soul??? What about telling funny ass jokes and laughing until you cry is some kind of happy mechanism to joy. Distractions are very dangerous! 

Knowing the more of this phony shit we do, the worse things get, the more hope we need,,, don't this tell you it is time for a fucking change?

When you cannot believe in anybody else, do the hardest thing it is to do in a society which dictates all the wrong things.... Trust yourself!

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Just A Nobody

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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