When your Mother-in-law hates you???

Is it money, education, skin color after all the lady don't even really know me like that but advises her daughter against me. So, who does she really want??? Living in the combat zone.

Does she know something you and your partner doesn’t? I don't know if you've ever been in the military but having a narcissistic in-law is about as close and it gets.  Living in a combat zone, there's always the potential for attack, you never know when but you know they're planning. These attacks are more and less vicious but they're all attacks, with the same purpose, to neutralize YOU. In all  you do, All they want is to render you helpless.

Some will chose to use the word disapprove or strong feelings against, instead of hate, but when it is all said and done, what’s the difference? She probably will never tell you but gives her daughter hell for wanting to drag you into their family and probably for good reasons. You want learn these well kept secrets until you are in too deep to pull yourself out. That's what moving forward will get you.

Having a mother-in-law who disapproves of you but makes concessions because her daughter does not listen is a recipe for disaster.  The mother-in-law is just keeping quiet, waiting for an opportunity to say, “I told you” and if the daughter didn’t listen to her own mother, sooner later it’s going to be your turn and then you will have two against one. Ask me how do I know? Also, the mother will take advantage of every opportunity to undermine your relationship, even if means turning your children against you.

How does anyone hate someone they hardly know? What's so undesirable about me? It wasn’t like we were talking marriage when we first met. What plans do you have for your daughter you do not want me to help fulfill? Why don't I carry the same resentment towards you?

You can love your wife or partner and they seem to love you in return, but what is it with this mother-in-law who doesn't know you, doesn't like you and does not approve of her daughter's decision to love you? The communication process is already compromised and at the same time, she’s doing everything to poison her daughter and everyone else against you?

Deciding you do not care whether or not your mother-in-law cares or not is futile, she'll never give up. Remember, I was a young man trying to do the "right thing". I didn't ask for this but it came to me.

My grandmother-in-law was crazy about me but my mother-in-law,, she only gave in and started acting because her daughter would not have it any other way. Just the other day a guy told me, “when a girl makes it up in her mind to have a guy nothing is going to stop her” and throughout my life this has proven to be true. Well, it is just as true when your mother-in-law disapproves and starts “acting”. What drag, how phony, pretentious, whose to be trusted in the relationship? How can your wife ever share her true feelings about what’s going in her relation, without fear of receiving a good bashing? Don't be fooled, soon these two evils with be reunited.

From where comes the support, the encouragement, the inspiration when the chips are down and in every relationship the chips will go down? Did my wife really love me or did she have another agenda? Did her mother see something she didn’t?

Though I really loved my wife, after it is all said and done, I wish I never met her. My pretentious relationship went on for years, like an out of control water hose. Today, I am very sensitive to the same infatuations in new relationships.

Closure, you never forget nor fully recover from such traumatic experiences and when left to their own development, they only get worse. After 40 years they still hate me, relentless, huh. They say time is supposed to heal but I do not understand how that applies in my relationships. Am I doomed to failure in my relationships? They say move on but everyone I meet seems to be overwhelmed with even more drama than me, damn.

This is what happens when your mother-in-law hates you. She also hates herself and now my wife and children hate me too. After all this time, is my God-fearing wife happy, doesn't seem so, but I'm sure they all would say they are. They're still too preoccupied with causing me misery. They would also say our children are too, somebody is still lying.

"Never light yourself on fire to keep somebody else warm, if you want to live."

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!