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"I need", this short simple phrase has destroyed more people across the globe than any other, Needy people and Greedy people... 

I need…needy, draining people suck life right out of you?  How corrupt is the world in which you’re living?

Life is energy and some people just suck the life right out of you. They have no conscience; they show no mercy, no remorse, no compassion, only dictating what they need. To them, it’s all about them.

How often do you see a beggar on the streets giving any damn thing, yet he thinks you ought to give continuously? They do nothing but beg and our streets are becoming littered with these beggars. A beggar on the streets can justify to you why he needs your 25 cents more than you. That is just what our leaders and politicians do. They want cheap labor and at the same time, they want to sell you “high ass prices”. How can you afford this?

There are those who seem to have it all down and not asking for anything, but don’t be fooled. These people live lavish lifestyles, away from us all and there’s a very good reason for this.

To most, a job is the answer to our most critical problems today, but when you look around, dead-end jobs are what got us where we are today, escalating problems. Remember, when it was a dream of every American to grow-up and own a business and how Americans used take responsibility for Americans? Today, that dream is farther away, due to the astronomical costs of owning and operating a business.

Now, we’re over our heels in debt, crime rate soaring, leaders doing everything but serving the people, you can’t trust a soul, all of which happened over jobs. Somehow, people feel less than the productive citizen they could be without a job.

Then, look at business owners, the job providers, and the answer comes clearer how we got to where we are. Local business owners are so corrupt; citizens depend on corporate stores for better shopping. The day it became more economical feasible to outsource jobs is the day the American economy died. Americans have been forced to come up with alternative means of making a living and things are changing so fast, preparing to do that even harder to decision.

Do you know the difference between people with a “giving energy” and those who have a “taking energy”? When people realize they’re being used for nothing more than a pin cushion, they stop being helpful and start being rude.

Hence, the ability to buy and sell (profit frenzy) has become the primary means to fulfill our needs.

 There are two means to this madness, those preparing and seeking a job and those who are taking advantage of this profit frenzy (business people). Today, the profit frenzy is winning in every aspect of our lives. It’s very strange the best of America’s jobs and profits are going to foreigners. What can come of this?

Those without will be beholding to those with. It’s the same thing and very reason why President Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe, after all these years, is taking the land back from foreigners, needy people who only take from the people and giving the land back to its rightful owners, the indigenous people of the land.

As we talk needy people, rights and those entitled to anything from America, have we forgotten about the indigenous people of this land? As we cry about how needy we are to pay our debts to a people who only take, what will be the consequences for this great injustice?

The same gas in New York is a dollar more per gallon than in Georgia and the same gas in Atlanta, Georgia is dollar more per gallon than in smaller Georgia towns. The same gas tomorrow is 20 cents cheaper or higher than today. How do we justify this and call this an economy? People who act like they do not need or they, themselves can fulfill all their needs are people who fail to understand the importance of giving.

The need to be loved, the need to be cared for, the need to be right and the need to feel important are all driven by one thing today and that’s MONEY. Money is something, the more you get the more you need. Are there any indigenous people in America and do they deserve to be treated the way we do?

Something wrong happened in your past motivating you to become needy and you will not be able to solve this problem until. Continue reading "We are the world."

We were born needy, will continue to be needy and that is why we need each other. Now, what will “we”  do to feel worthy? The fake needy person has the ability to cause you to feel indebted to them.  Am I needy or do you just cause me to feel obligated to pay you? Then, who is the neediest?

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!