Why do Americans even Marry?

Seniors talk about the Christians marriages of the past, but when you investigate what was going on at the time, this is very hard to believe. If marriages of the past were so sacred then how do they evolve into the marriages of today.

Historically, New Americans disregarded, had no empathy nor respect for marriages created by the indigenous people of this land. Love and relationships didn't matter during the violent takeover of this country, except for the Christian lead perpetrators. Then the same so called Christians imported Afrikan slaves, which the marriages and relationship didn't matter, except for the perpetrators of this great crime, who secretly came to escape "religious persecution". In other words, to do what they wanted, even if it meant destroying the lives and taking the land of others. It seems the only marriages that mattered were those carried out by this disgruntled group of Christian invaders.

Unfortunately the invaders won and a new ruling class established and we're all forced to live by the rules imposed by this ruthless, bloodthirsty clan. Why have all people submitted to the marriage vows imposed by this ruthless people and are so elated to wed under these hypocritical conditions?

How do Americans today know love? How are we the authority on any subject having to do with "sharing and caring"? When in the history of America did we show love? Is the ability to instill fear any prerequisite to falling in love?

They treated their own women as second class citizens and thought this was the way they wanted to be treated and these women embraced that. Do White American women want to be treated as second citizens, then  why don't they  treat White American men the same way the Black American men? Why do they think White American men deserve their support more than the people they abused? Are White American women just out for the ride?

How can you scrutinize good wholesome relationships while embracing sick, selfish relations? Being the United STates were built upon this set of warped values how do you build what you're running away from? Why do you impose these hypocritical Christian values upon you mate and Black Americans have got it bad?

Why did work from home ever move from home and now, why is it moving back? Is this upward mobility?

Of all the people of the world, from which we can chose a better way of relationships, why do we settle for that of a ruthless people?

Today, the United States and Americans have evolved into a rat race society, lived by the majority of Americans oblivious to nature of it. We have no quality time for self, much less a partner or spouse. Though we would like to believe our marriages are working, we know otherwise. Americans marry for power, prestige and position, all which are money driven and fear based, but including Jesus Christ makes this all okay. Do you know how forbidden marriages between black and white are in America? Was it more forbidden than same-sex?

Modern day marriages are falling apart due to our neglect to correct mistakes of our past. In a serious state of denial, we think we can just do what we want and as long as we can do that, then all is okay, no matter the long term consequences. Now, if that ain't a sick people then you tell me what is.

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!