Why are Folk so eager to Get Legally Married?

What does love have to do with it and can Americans afford legal marriages, how?

I guess you are going to say, Here comes some more of that politically and socially accepted bullshit, but it is true.

You don't need to marry in order to have a family and now my question to you is, why would any society make disgraceful for a man and woman to have children out of wedlock? You don't need to be legally married to name your child, but you do if  you want the government to acknowledge what you are doing and that is the problem - management without proper management and we cannot afford this.

Most people really don't want to legally marry, but because of pressure from outside forces and folks they look upto, people have accepted the notion of being legally married and are eager to jump the broom.

There is nothing wrong with being married, it is a good thing,  but the way America has designed legalities of marriage, many legal marriages end in divorce. Hence, people are slowly starting to lose faith in the legalities of marriage.

The biggest reasons to be concerned about being legally married are control issues, domestic violence and abuse. They are all on the rise due serious flaws in the justice system.

Though marriage is more an emotional endeavor, our justice system views marriage as a legal entity between two  people and this has evolved into big business This is also another deterrent to being legally married and because marriages are so profitable the government overlooks a lot of what could be done to save more marriages. Financial problems are the number one reason for failed marriages. Why did we add this extra burden and why have not we done more to resolve it? The government does very little to help marriages lasts, but very involved in the process of getting married and divorce.

Then, there is the serious lack of education. How to make your marriage work is not a subject in schools or churches, therefore legal marriages are more prone to fail.

Churches, tend to bend like trees in the wind because they have supported so much other evil shit - slavery, The Trail of Tears, jim crow, racism, bigotry, wars, same-sex... and they still want to be the subject matter expert for telling people how to live. The church has been proven wrong so many times, they no longer want to be right. As you can see, marriage is no longer just between a man and woman.

So, to be legally married, is pretty much like blazing your own trail.

You people, eager to marry because they relate being legally married to love, when they do not even know what love really means. Older people are playing a game, you don't need to be legally married to enjoy a monogamous relationship. With all the divorces it seems our society would rethink the way we treat our marriages.

Who the hell cares who marries who and divorce would be nonexistent.

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!