Why Men Cheat?

Is it a religious or spiritual thing? Is it for the fleshly desires? Is it because we do not give a damn, never satisfied...? Condoning cheating while condemning honesty?

Men cheat because they want women to think they know every fucking thing and men believe this causes them to be super partners in their relationships. It is like the hypocrites who attend church, but never change. Church is just a cover-up, just like the illusion of being a superstar in the eyes of your favorite woman.

Why do we need to know this? Because we sit in misery, yet we call it "making our relationships work"? People who appear to have good relationships impose their views, their ideologies upon those who admit they do not. Should we, must we make all these alleged sacrifices to maintain a good relationship and are these relationships healthy? It is interesting how a cheater today is qualified to give relationship advice??? Warning, WArning,,

Do we have a naughty side, do we acknowledge it and have we implement space in our lifestyles? Animals are expected to cheat, but humans ,,, are we expected to lie?

We have grown from hypocrites, to premeditated hypocrites and by this, you know it is wrong, but you do the shit anyway and turn a blind eye, every man and woman for Himself. When you see yourself Holy, this implies the rest of us are sinners.

Based upon what we have today, obviously not, let us call it "cheating with the cheater". Children actually raise themselves or are raised by some artificial means, i.e., surrogates, tv, internet,  and the more technological advance we claim to be, the worse things get, but we accept this for progress.

Likewise, those who claim to be in good relationship, accept this lack of truth for being in healthy relationships. They may encourage you to hang on, just to make your relationship work. So, we overlook, either it is or it ain't. The short to all of this is, " Are any of our relationships getting better"? Are our families getting better? This is the cheating part: How can we poor working relationships, yet healthy personal relationships? How can we have low values everywhere else and you have high values for your personal relationships? We have more churches yet significantly less good/healthy people?  We are in a society which condones cheating and condemns honesty? We want to believe this is making us better therefore intentionally ignore the truth. We say we ain't racist but know damn well we are? Everything we say we are, we are not and is why none of us can be trusted.

What is a healthy relationship? A relationship in which everyone prospers. It is all natural and no one is blaming the other for all their fucking short-comings.

Women don't know what the hell they want and no men available to take charge. With all the men turned faggot what else do you expect of women and then not turned faggot consider themselves studs, fucking the world? Why doing all this crazy ass shit, what's a happening to our children, future generations??? It okay to be homosexual as long as you do not neglect your gender related responsibilities and values. Are there more benefits to being an Naturalized American or is more detrimental to your well being...ask a cop?

You can no-longer compromise because women are the head of households, you in yours, so what the fuck can you say or do and they come with a "ready-made family" because they were cheating with the cheater?

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!