Why Shame and Disgrace to be Black?

Be it Africa and need I say more or any of her satellite locations, worldwide Black people are worse on Black people.

Why cannot Black People be world renowned for doing good  things, for themselves? Why  would you clean their offices, pick their trash, organize, restock, fill-in...while neglecting your own? Why would you nanny their children, get their education, buy all their products and services, while neglecting your own? Why fix all their problems and neglect your own? 

Black people do not stand a chance at success because Black People are going to make sure they are not a success. Success pits Black People against Black People. Success is always a mystery to us, you never know what we had to do to get it, but you know it was some underhanded bullshit and we will lie quicker than a heartbeat. We will be loyal and truthful to our enemy, yet deceitful to each other.

I am sure this subject will get an argument and me kicked out of town, but after many years of dealing with Black People the world over, it is a damn shame and disgrace to be Black.

As much as I would like to think otherwise, everyday Black People prove me wrong.

There is something about us which is conducive to violence and abuse.

Our parents, bless their souls, did the best they could let them tell it, but the real question remains: Why would you divorce your abusive husband, just to meet the standards of your conqueror? Why would you raise your children to be obedient, submissive to a people who conquered you? Why would not you ask your abusive husband for the same rights as you ask your abusive conqueror?

Shame and disgrace has nothing to do with color but all to do with mentality. The absolute most detrimental people to Black People is Black People, yet we want to blame everyone else.

Look at Black neighborhoods, do Black People want to stay in their own neighborhoods? Why is it a shame and disgrace to stay in Black neighborhoods? What does this say for our parents, our leadership?

Black Teachers, why do they teach Black People against being Black? Why cannot Black People come up with a socio and economic system which is much better than the one in which they seek gainful employment? Why is there more corruption within the Black Community than in the society in which we live? Why do Black people prefer to join efforts designed to destroy black people than to join efforts designed to help Black People?

Black people, on one hand fight for their rights but on the other use their success to manipulate other Black people? We get a Black policeman, well who does he arrest? Why is not he known for being more helpful to his own people than to the people who conquered his people and hired him to make sure they stay conquered? Why do Black People think they are just as good and any other people, but are estranged to each other?

If I really told the truth, then I would expose how low-down my biological parents were and I loved them. What about my estranged children and I loved them? "Hating" must be in our DNA. Envy, jealousy are deeply rooted within the Black Community and we are in a serious state of denial.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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