women on Pedestals???

Treating Beautiful Women...

Biggest Mistakes? Respecting a black man? Women have been and still are being abused the world over.

Why do we put women on a pedestal, when we are considered beneath the people with whom we're trying to prove the point? They don't even treat you as real people? Don't believe the hype.

What kind of message are you sending? Are men afraid women will be conscious of their stupidity? Do women really appreciate this kind of   servitude, then why all the games, dramas, broken homes, domestic violence...? Do women even respect black men, but they want it?  What is respect and do we respect each other? So, from where do you get this idea? Do you know how long white women have been on pedestals to black men? Has it made a positive difference? Do white women view these very obedient black men as gentlemen or "just another nigger"?

Men grow up being told and observing how they're suppose to treat women, but the crazy thing about this all is we're being taught by men who have not earthly idea how to treat a woman. If they did there would be no such thing as women rights. Is it because we see poor people opening doors for rich? Inferior, superior, most of this drama is done for show or to gain favor, where's the sincerity, logic, respect...? You have started to believe your own lies and this is fatal and does not make sense to anyone who really understands what's happening. 

Men abuse women and out of guilt put the women upon a pedestal. If we were treating women with respect, then there would be no need for pedestal. The pedestal is over-compensation for mistreatment.

Negative results when you are disappointed. Every time you treat someone better than you treat yourself, human, disappointment is sure to follow. Do you expect women to open doors for you? How far do we go with this, something we know nothing about except what we've seen and heard? We're not being sincere nor keeping it real. Ever ask yourself why women don't treat women this way?

Treat "folks" the way you want to be treated!

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!