Are you a workaholic or an alcoholic?

What you do in the meantime means a lot?

Most Americans are encouraged to work a 9-5 and when released, they are to rest for the next day, why? And people work many years following these dead-end routines.

Good paying jobs want to make sure they get their money worth out of their well paid employees. Well paid employees feel obligated to perform well beyond the call of duty in order to continue receiving their paychecks, middle class, lower class.

The consumption of alcohol is one of our biggest incentives for working. It used to be quite glamorous to have so much fun at work and it grew until employees became a hazard to their jobs and to themselves.

We have taken what was "free and available for use by all", claimed ownership, denied others and exploited it all. In a serious state of denial, middle class and lower class justifies their participation as "just doing my job".

Since, alcohol has been removed from the workplace, it has all gone underground. Alcohol has come to be more of a coping mechanism for getting through daily frustions, being able to relax and have more fun. Wrong again, but the dirty habit has been addictive and the pressure to put down the bottle is significantly less than the pressure to turn up the bottle.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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