Why so hard to get a fair deal? Who decides what's fair? Why aren't we known for honesty?

Is it okay to confess to being a liar, is it okay to be a notorious liar, is there ever a need...

Is a liar useful? Is it ever okay to tell a lie? Have you ever been saved from the ass whipping you knew you deserved?

The Bible says, we teach our children and we confess whenever confronted, does that mean we’re telling the truth? What about asking the Preacher, when he says the Bible is the truth, the way and the light. He says the Bible never lies. Lying shows no respect...

Why do so many demand honesty, when they know we're notorious liars? Do you really need more money? We've placed ourselves upon a horse too high and in a serious state of denial, we just will not tell the truth. And by now, we're so far from the truth, our lies have grown so big, it's much easier to keep lying. The more self-righteous we think we are, the more criminal/evil we become. Should a man be with a man, should a man be with a woman or both, now; replace man with woman and ask the same questions? Have we been wrong longer than right and why isn't right happening?

After you've told your first lie, you must tell another... Thou shalt not Lie, Cheat or Steal, but what's actually happening? The more we say this, the more it happens.

We’re not supposed to lie, everybody hates a liar and though the Bible says, who hasn’t lied? So, there must be a reason for everyone being unable to lie. Why would anyone intentionally set a goal that’s impossible to achieve, knowing human beings are going to error?

The Bible is always true, then why do we have such a serious problem telling the truth? Why so much confusion and chaos instead of peace and harmony? Why do we ignore people who tell the truth? When is life not a battlefield, when is a battlefield not life? We are our own worse enemy.

Can you believe anything we say? Can you trust anyone? Do we know anything? How accurately can we describe the truth? How true to ourselves are we? Why are we so easily tricked? What is a hypocrite?

There is a time and place for a good liar, someone to deceive the enemy while your hypocritical ass escapes. Is a liar useful? There is a time and place to deceive your enemy.Your enemy is the person who lied to you.

Lying is perfectly acceptable, all things in moderation, or was that a lie? Which lie are you going to believe, which liar? 

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Lie, Lying, Lied, Liar - Your Inner Voice

Lie, How big can a lie get??? - Your Inner Voice

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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