Being One In Nature

Remember when there was time for everybody, we didn't meet strangers...What's happening here?

All people, on whatever plane, are here for a reason which we don't always understand. Sometimes later, we get it, sometimes we don't. I've found through adversity, I become stronger.

What do you want to be and there are so many choices, but there’s a whole nother track that’s very suspicious about its beginning and end. That’s the track human beings created to feed our own greedy ego. Simple is no longer good enough.

From human beings to civilized, the things we created to manage what was already provided weren't bad, but how we managed them is still to be questioned. Currently, our system of management leads to a “dead end”. The crazy part about this all is no one is will to admit. No matter how much stress created, we keep saying the rewards are much greater.

Do you need to threaten to kick ass for someone to respect you? Do you need to force someone to fit the mold?

Who doesn’t want to earn a whole bunch of money, who doesn’t want to be educated, but then who wants to lose their lives in doing so. I don’t know one person, who is what we call financially stable, doing great things for our society, how can they? If the government is not stable how can the people be, if the people are not stable how can the government be? With everybody wanting to be something we aren't how can any of us be?

All we ever talk about is jobs, but why are jobs such a problem, if we do so well at managing them? Why is education a never ending road to nothing, if we're so good at managing it? Why are our relationships so strain, if we do such a good job at managing them? Why are there more and more empty promises made about our lives and success, if we do such a good job about managing them?

Our system of managing is so disillusioned/misleading; it has become unmanageable/out of control. Our system of managing has become so extreme, extreme seems to be a last ditch effort to get what remains. What savings, it's all about credit score? Our system has caused us to distance ourselves so far from reality and what is natural it is an insult to suggest otherwise. Can we get any faster, can we make more time? Where is the wisdom in all of this?

By now, we’re so confused about what we’re doing, we have no earthly idea about what our real jobs are. The job quest takes priority and anymore, being family, neighborly, human beings have taken a back seat and now we're a society plagued by crime, sickness, disease, and corporate greed. Religion is the greatest form of racism, a crime. We have no idea how to exist together in nature, our natural habitat and that is dangerous. All we do is fight for power; money, guns and religion being the weapons of choice.

Nature, it is an insult to suggest “being one in Nature”, understanding the basics. Nature is the way God speaks to us. Being one in Nature is Healing on such a deep level that truly few, unfortunately, can sense that. So sad. You can become one with nature by just opening your mind. You gain a singular and fantastic understanding of the creatures of God. And there is always so much room to grow and learn on this journey of life - less stress.

As I age, I find there is little need of "things." Perspective changes greatly. I make do with what I have and crave not what the masses wish to own. I feel seriously Blessed to be where I am and have the opportunity to continue this little piece of Earth and it's creatures. It is a pleasure to meet and know folk who are like-minded and see beyond what their eyes perceive.

We survived all of that for this, damned. The human spirit needs free access to places where nature has not been rearranged by human hands. 

(((your inner

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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